Florence Welch, Julia Roberts

Courtesy: Elaine Constantine; Francois Duhamel/Columbia Pictures

If you weren't too occupied being blown away by Florence Welch's unbelievably amazing voice and her show-stealing performance with + The Machine at the MTV VMAs (plus, she was nominated for four awards herself), you may have wondered why the tune she was belting out sounded so dang familiar.

It's because it accompanied Julia Roberts biking through Bali and chowing down on Italian food in the Eat Pray Love trailer. We caught up with the gorge redhead at Sunday's show and asked her if she's had a chance to check the flick out yet:

"I haven't seen it, actually," she 'fessed.

"I'm really bad at watching movies, but I've read the book. I'm kind of more into the reading the book thing. I've got such a short attention span that I find it quite hard to sit in the cinema for a long period of time. I start feeling trapped and wonder when it's going to end."

Bummer. Another strike against Ms. Roberts. Who actually did see the friggin' film?

Anyway, we're glad that Flo and the gang got their sure-to-be-a-hit tune in the trailer, 'cause now they're blowing up on this side of the pond (she's a Brit, by the way). And so we wondered how hard it is to break into the American music scene:

"Especially after doing this show, it seems like things are really moving forward in America, which is exciting for me. For me it's been a really, really gradual thing. I think it is quite difficult. It's all to do with luck, but once America's into you, they're very supportive. American fans are great!"

Unless you're trying to get them to sit through a sappy travel flick, that is.

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