Everything to Know About Angel Numbers and How to Decode the Universe's Numerical Signs

Astrologer Aliza Kelly exclusively shared with E! News how to break down angel numbers being sent your way, and why they are clues into what the future has in store for you.

By Alyssa Morin Apr 20, 2024 11:00 AMTags
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Why, yes, the universe's hidden messages do add up.

Have you ever picked up your phone when it just so happens to be 11:11 or felt an unexplainable flutter after landing a new job on the fifth day of the fifth month? Believe it or not, this isn't a coincidence. These instances are called angel numbers.

"When you're interacting with angel numbers," astrologer Aliza Kelly told E! News in an exclusive interview, "find the wisdom that is embedded in the experience of seeing them."

Think of these numerical sequences as whispers from the universe, in which they are signs guiding you on the path towards your destiny. But before figuring out the message within, you're probably wondering what these numbers mean, why you're seeing this signal now and how it applies to your current situation?

Luckily, with Aliza's guidance, we're breaking down the basics of angel numbers and how to interpret them.

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What are angel numbers?

"Angel numbers are a relatively new system that was established within the past 20 years," Aliza explained. "The idea is that repeating numbers or numbers that seem to capture our attention through patterns are messages from guides, from angels, from spirits or from our higher self. And they carry different mystical messages."

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What are some signs of angel numbers?

If you keep seeing the clock strike 3:33 or got a latte that cost $5.55, consider this a sign from the universe.

"Angel numbers are any repetitive pattern," Aliza said. "And it doesn't even really need to be [the same number], it could be any number that shows up in a sequence of three or four—it could be 1234 or 1818 or 777."

As she put it, "It has to do more with the psychic impression that it leaves on us. It captures our awareness, and the intention around angel numbers is that our angels or guides are communicating with us."

What makes angel numbers different from numerology?

Although both mystical systems are numerical-based, they aren't equal to each other.

"Angel numbers have a fluidity to them," the There Are No Coincidences author pointed out. "The interpretations are broad, and it invites more of a conversation between your intuition, your psychic capabilities, your own psychic impressions—and how you're interacting with those numbers appearing in your life."

She continued, "Whereas, numerology is an ancient system and has a very set way of arriving at a certain number and a distinctive meaning of whatever that number signifies." (Read our numerology guide here.)

Here's How to Harness the Signs the Universe Sends Your Way, According to Astrologer Aliza Kelly

What do angel numbers mean?

000: "This is associated with new opportunities. They signify fresh starts, the beginning of new cycles and open roads ahead."

111: "This is associated with manifestation. So, when you see a sequence of ones, it's a green light from the universe or confirmation that you're on the right path."

222: "This is connected to balance, trust and alignment, and also partnerships, relationships and collaborations."

333: "This has to do with creativity and being able to solve problems, identify patterns and come up with solutions. There's a creative, problem-solving magnetism around it."

444: "Four is stability. It's grounding, rooting, trusting and establishing a sense of home and safety for yourself."

555: "Fives have to do with change. It has to do with transformations that are occurring, either overtly or covertly. Big shifts are in the works in your life."

666: "This has to do with compassion, support and empathy. So, it's a reminder to treat yourself with kindness and to be gentle, to slow down and embody a more empathetic nature."

777: "Sevens are luck. So, it has to do with good fortune, especially with finances and new opportunities. It's like auspicious timing—being in the right place at the right time kind of thing."

888: "Eights have to do with a connection to infinity, connection to the afterlife and even reincarnation and stories that unfold over time. It has a strong spiritual component to it."

999: "Nines signify an ending, conclusion or closure. It wraps up the story. It means that you're ready to start something new or that you're ready to end something. But it also has a very philosophical quality to it and is steeped in big, existential contemplation as well."

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What are the takeaways of seeing angel numbers?

There's a reason you're noticing the same sequence of numbers, so what can you do when these angel numbers cross your path? Take a moment to marinate on the message being directed your way, Aliza said, before offering questions to reflect on.

"What is coming up in your life as you're seeing them?" she asked. "What is on your mind in that moment? What is going on when you are encountering those numbers? It's also a good idea to ask yourself if there's any other connection those numbers have? Is there a reason you're encountering that pattern?"

As she put it, "It's really about checking in with yourself."