Here's How to Harness the Signs the Universe Sends Your Way, According to Astrologer Aliza Kelly

Astrologer Aliza Kelly offered insight into why nothing happens by chance. "Trust that things are always happening," she exclusively told E! News. "Change is always in motion."

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Does everything really happen for a reason? For New York-based astrologer, Aliza Kelly, the answer is simple.

"There are no coincidences," she told E! News in an exclusive interview while discussing her new manifestation deck and guidebook of the same name—which she also calls T.A.N.C. for short.

After all, the catchphrase is the essence of her latest book where she breaks down how you can harness those meant-to-be-moments or signs that the universe sends your way.

"There's a lot of ways you can say, 'I have these experiences whenever I see 11:11 or when a bird flies by my window,'" she explained of those not-so-random instances that the universe puts in your path for a reason that only you can uncover. "I created my own system, and to see it on such a large scale when we were interacting with thousands of people was really expansive for me."

As she put it, "That opened my eyes to just how big this concept is."

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Aliza explained that the idea behind "there are no coincidences" is not just an individual experience, but "something that connects us all." Going back to seeing 11:11 on your phone, it's an experience that many run across.

And while it can hold a universal meaning, as people tend to make a wish at that exact time, it can also symbolize something a lot more significant depending on how you interpret it and what's going on in your life.

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Through her guidebook, Aliza teaches you how to pay attention to those fated moments. Her pocket-sized deck, for example, features 44 cards that were intentionally divided into four categories: Cosmos, Nature, Thresholds and Chance.

She noted that each category has an "inherent relationship" with one another, adding, "There is an ebb and flow within them."

All four categories are linked to a specific group; with Cosmos encompassing astrology, astronomy and celestial bodies, while Nature represents animals, plants, weather and other environmental factors. Thresholds covers boundaries and pathways, and Chance invites you to consider your connection to risks and rewards.

"The different categories speak to a very important principle, which is called 'as above, so below,'" she explained. "Whatever is going on in one dimension—whether it be the heavens or what's going on here on Earth—the things that we think about influence our experiences."

And there's truth to her belief that there are no coincidences. On the day of the interview, I decided to try out the deck and pulled out the Miracles card. Without my mentioning it, Aliza revealed that it's the one "that gets me the most emotional."

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"The Miracles card, which is card number 44 and the final card in the deck, is a really powerful card to me," Aliza shared. "It is the anchor of the entire deck. It creates space for the impossible to happen."

She called that particular card a "statement of hope and possibility," explaining that it can be a guiding light for anyone experiencing difficult times. Moreover, she said it's a testament that miracles don't always need to be profound but "can be very mundane."

All in all, the deck is meant to be a tool for manifestation and introspection. The Miracles card, for example, could be the nudge you need to accept change (whether it's good or bad) or a reminder that nothing is impossible.

Of course, the cards won't always click with you right away, with Aliza emphasizing that it's perfectly OK.

"You know what you need to know when you need to know it," the Bumble columnist hinted. "With astrology or any spiritual practice, you are going to receive information per your ability to digest it. All of the resources will start speaking to you."

As she explained, "When we are ready to receive something, it starts to appear in the form of signs, symbols and synchronicities."

And even if you still don't have an aha moment with the cards, Aliza wants you to embrace the magic in the experience.

"Trust that things are always happening," she advised. "Change is always in motion. Planets and people move on their own cycles and their own flows."

Because whether or not you believe in astrology, Aliza's poignant message about the practice is one that everyone can get behind.

"Astrology is a really huge part of self-care and wellness," she shared. "It gives us permission to love ourselves."

There Are No Coincidences: A Manifestation Deck & Guidebook is available for purchase.

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