Inside Hilary Swank's New Life With Her Million Dollar Babies

Hilary Swank's daughter Aya greets everything she sees. Son Ohm knows how to get down to any track she and husband Philip Schneider play. And that's just part of why life is like a song for the star.

By Sarah Grossbart Feb 19, 2024 3:00 PMTags
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Hilary Swank can recall the moment her world got just a bit brighter. 

Though it was fairly dreary when she and husband Philip Schneider welcomed their twinsdaughter Aya and son Ohm—last April, "One of the first songs we played for them was 'Here Comes the Sun,'" the actress, 49, recounted during a Feb. 14 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Born just a few days before her late father's birthday in the coastal city of Bellingham, Wash. that she grew up in not far from the Canadian border, "It's very rainy there," continued the two-time Oscar winner. "And it was raining during the time they were born, but we were like, 'Spring is coming and here comes the sun with you two little balls of light.'"

Ever since, the 10-month-old twins have brought more than just the proverbial sunshine. 

"It is the best in the whole wide world," the Ordinary Angels star gushed of parenting, noting that, "it's more joy and more fun and more exhausting—it's more everything than I ever thought it would be. It's more glorious. It's the most extraordinary thing."

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Because much like any new parent, she's delighting in each tiny, adorable milestone. 

Take her daughter's penchant for growling at her growing collection of stuffed animals. At first, "she sounded like a mourning dove," Swank described to host Jimmy Fallon, "and then it turned into a growl. She growls, but like really commits." 


And it's not her only form of greeting. "Now, she's also saying hi," Swank added. "She goes, 'Hi, hi, hi,' to everything. The plant, 'Hi!', the sun, 'Hi!', the sky, 'Hi!'"

As for son Ohm, he's a big fan of the point and "Ah!" as she demonstrated. 

And much like Mom and Dad—who asked the guests at their 2018 wedding to gift them with a vinyl recording of a song that takes them "to a special time" in their lives—the little crawlers are already proving to be budding musicians. Swank shared with Fallon that her husband recently played The Beatles' sunny track for them, prompting her son to clap along. 

"He, like, jives," described the Million Dollar Baby star. "He like gets down." 

So, yeah, motherhood, it's alright for Swank. Do-do-do-do you want to get a glimpse inside her new family world? Keep reading. 

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Welcome Aya and Ohm!