North West Gives an "Honest" Review of Kim Kardashian's New SKKN by Kim Makeup

North West took to TikTok to share her "honest makeup review" of her mom Kim Kardashian's new SKKN by Kim cosmetics, a relaunch of her beauty brand.

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Watch: North West Hilariously Reviews Mom Kim Kardashian's New Makeup Line

When it comes to Kim Kardashian's new SKKN by Kim makeup, more is more. Just ask North West.

After the Kardashians star relaunched her cosmetics brand Jan. 26, following the shuttering of KKW Beauty in 2021, her and ex Kanye West's eldest daughter proceeded to test out some of the products in a video posted on their shared TikTok.

"SKKN by Kim," the 10-year-old began. "Honest makeup review."

In the mostly sped-up video, North burst into song and dance as she gradually applied products. First, she covered her eyelids and brow areas with black eyeshadow.

"This is literally, the most perfect," she said. "Not too black. Love it."

After smearing some of her eyeliner to form a starburst effect around one eye, North also applied lipliner and lipstick.

"This is so good!" she said. "No words! No words."

Kim expressed her amusement at the TikTok video, captioning it, "What my daughter does on my phone ha ha ha ha ha ha," and adding a laughing emoji.

Kim Kardashian & North West's Cutest Pics

North has occasionally showcased her makeup transformations on TikTok. Kim recently reflected on how both her and Kanye's eldest daughter and youngest, Chicago West, 6, like to play with her makeup.


What my daughter does on my phone ha ha ha ha ha ha??

? original sound - Kim and North

"They are always trying to use everything that I have in my drawers," the SKIMS founder, who also shares sons Saint West, 8, and Psalm West, 4, with her ex, told Bustle in an interview posted Jan. 26. "I think it's a fun game for them. It's art for them to try to do makeup, which is so fun for me to watch. It's like they want to play with their friends and do it, and then they want to just wash it right off."

She added, "I'm down for the artistry. I think it's fun when they're trying it all and expressing themselves."

TikTok / Kim Kardashian and North West

Kim also noted how North likes to use makeup in unconventional ways. "We were at Saks in the makeup department the other night and she tested something but put a heart on her face with it," she said. "I'm like, I don't think that's really why you use eyeliner."

The beauty mogul also expressed her thoughts on the idea of SKKN by Kim potentially becoming a family business. "If one of 'em wants to take it over, they gladly can," she said about her kids. "I would love them to be involved, but I also want them to do whatever makes them happy. And that could be totally not in the beauty business and that would be OK with me."

In addition to sharing makeup videos, North has also often showcased her sassy personality in other ways on social media. Look back at her sassiest moments:

Wanna Bet?

North West never forgets her bets. 

Kim Kardashian shocked TikTok last January when she unveiled a surprising transformation that included a heavy face of makeup and dark eyebrows. Kim finished the beauty routine by putting on a nude lip and fake lashes, posing for the camera while chewing gum and lip-syncing to Millie B's viral song "M to the B."

While The Kardashians star's fans were initially confused, Kim later revealed that her 10-year-old daughter was responsible for the eyebrow-raising look, tweeting, "The bribes and bet losing I have going on with North is unreal!" 

Read the Sign

North had a message to send to the paparazzi when she accompanied Kim to Paris Fashion Week last summer, famously holding up a piece of paper that said "Stop."

After their trip, Kim took to Twitter to reveal the backstory behind North's note. 

"For anyone who knows North knows how funny she finds this video!" Kim wrote in a July 7 tweet. "North I guess had it with the people taking pictures of her so she wrote on her invite STOP and held it up."

According to Kim, North simply "wanted them to just focus on the show" and not her.

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

North trolled her mother in epic fashion—pun fully intended—when she recreated her Balenciaga packing tape look from Paris Fashion Week 2022.

In a TikTok that July, North wrapped a few strands of the tape Kim used around her black t-shirt, completing her look by donning a platinum blonde wig. Not only did she dress like Kim, North also poked fun at her mom even further by lip-syncing alongside an audio that featured a few of Kim's iconic Keeping Up With the Kardashians quotes alongside Megan Thee Stallion's song "Savage."

Of course, North recreated the infamous moment where Kim lost her diamond earring in Bora Bora, as well as when she hit Khloé Kardashian with a purse all while telling her not to be rude.

Eyebrow-Raising Behavior

In a Dec. 18 TikTok video posted to their join account, North pranked Kim by pretending to shave the SKIMS mogul's brows off as she slept in bed.

"So funny, the fake eyebrows filter," the caption over the video read, with North was using a camera filter to make Kim's eyebrows appear thinner onscreen. 

So, how did Kim react after being woken up by North? After opening her eyes and seeing what's on screen, the reality star quipped, "North, this is not funny."

Extreme Special Effects

Anyone who follows Kim and North's TiKTok account knows North is as gifted as her mom when it comes to makeup. In fact, her skills might be a little too good as Kim revealed one of her pranks involving special effects makeup almost got the cops involved.

"I have a teacher come and show her special effects makeup—where it's like wounds and blood and tons of stuff," Kim explained to Allure in July 2022. "She's actually so good that I rented a house this summer and she took all of her special effects makeup and she decided not only to prank me and do it on her and Chicago, but she made the whole room look like a murder scene."

Because she was tired, Kim left the mess to clean up the next morning. "I had to rush out the door and go to school," Kim continued. "The housekeeper came and tried to call the authorities and called the homeowner thinking that it was a full, real murder scene."

"It was bad," Kim said. "I have photos and it's crazy."

A New Way to Roast Your Vegetables

North clearly doesn't beet around the bush.

When Kim took to her Instagram Story to show off freshly picked crops from her home garden last April, not everyone was impressed by her bounty of "cute" carrots, kale, leeks and beets. "They look disgusting," North quipped off-camera while Kim was filming her healthy haul. 

In the caption, Kim also poked fun of daughter's unprompted honesty, writing, "Thanks North."

Talk That Talk

Forget a baby voice, Kim clearly has social media speech.

"Why do you talk different?" North asked a September 2011 video, noting that Kim changes up the way she sounds for her clips.

A surprised Kim responded, "From my videos? I'm the same human being. I don't talk different." Kim then inquired if she speaks differently when she films videos about makeup contouring, which prompted North to imitate her mom's glam tutorial voice.

Sour Indeed

It's brutal out there for a mom of an Olivia Rodrigo fan.

When the "driver's license" singer sent Kim a PR package filled with merch in May 2021, the KKW Beauty founder shared the gift on her Instagram Story. "You guys know I love 'drivers license,'" Kim told the camera.

However, an off-camera North was standing by to call her out, claiming, "You never listen to it." A shocked Kim laughed before telling her, "Yes, I do! I listen to it all the time. Stop, North." Kim captioned the video with "NORTH!!!!!" along with three laughing-crying emojis.