How Alex Rodriguez Discusses Dating With His Daughters Natasha and Ella

Alex Rodriguez exclusively shared with E! News how "old school" conversations with daughters Natasha, 18, and Ella, 15, led them to have an open dialogue about dating: "You can't BS your children."

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For Alex Rodriguez, a house is not a homebase without family.

That's why the baseball legend always sets time out of his schedule to hit the bench and catch up with daughters Natasha, 18, and Ella, 15, who he shares with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.

"We eat dinner every night," Alex—who has partnered up with OraPharma to raise awareness about gum health—told E! News' Francesca Amiker in an exclusive interview. "I have rules: No phones, no iPads. Let's just have some old school conversation."

The 48-year-old and his girls also take part in what they call "breakfast club," where they come together every Saturday morning for 90 minutes to share "whatever happened during the week."

"We review it and whatever we're talking about stays there," Alex explained, sharing that the "greatest payoff" of their sit-downs has been how they now all have an open dialogue with each other. "Because I've been so honest with them, they've given it right back to me—and that's pretty cool. You can't BS your children."

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In fact, Alex revealed that dating is not a taboo subject in the Rodriguez household—granted it's age appropriate, of course.

"They're very solid," he said of his daughters. "They're very, very open."


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But, as Alex noted, there are rules in place when it comes to dating, including a "strict curfew" for the girls.

"I wait outside for them," he noted, adding with a chuckle that he had surprised the date a few times by standing at the door. "It has happened!"

However, what's not a laughing matter for Alex is dental hygiene. Having been diagnosed with gum disease in the past, the New York Yankees alum is now working with OraPharma and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to encourage early detection and management options.

"It's important to be proactive," he said. "Overall health is so important, especially as you get older. I have young daughters and I wanna make sure I'm living my best life."

Keep scrolling to see Alex's family photos with his daughters.

Field of Dreams

Alex Rodriguez celebrated his last game as a New York Yankee with daughter Natasha Rodriguez and Ella Rodriguez in August 2016.

Come Fly With Me

Alex and ex Cynthia Scurtis took their daughters to Memphis in April 2022. Along for the flight was Cynthia's husband Angel Nicolas.

The retired athlete captioned the blended family selfie: "Two girls. Three parents. One goal: Winning."

Kisses for the Kid

Alex shared a sweet moment with then-2-year-old Natasha during training at Legends Field in Tampa, Fla.


In 2021, the retired athlete caption this photo of his blended family as part of a birthday tribute to Cynthia: "I’ve always said that when it comes to co-parenting, I’m extremely lucky because most people only have a 50-50 split of time with their kids. With us, it feels more like 100-100."

He added, "Here’s to you on your special day, Cynthia. Thank you for giving me the greatest two gifts any man could have."

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Alex took his girls out to the mound while celebrating his 3,000th career hit in September 2015.

Girl Dad

The former baseballer was joined by his daughters at a Boys & Girls Clubs holiday party in December 2022. 

Baby Love

Alex shared this throwback of baby Ella in celebration of her 13th birthday in 2021.

Peaceful Pair

Natasha and Alex flashed a peace sign at the camera from the crowd at a Miami Heat  game in May 2022.

Birthday Memories

Ella gave her dad a kiss after receiving a birthday present.

On the Sidelines

Alex and Natasha stand on the sidelines during Super Bowl 2020.

Boat Buddies

The trio set sail for a nighttime boat ride!

The Family That Eats Together

Alex told E! News in 2023 that he and his daughter have dinner together every night: "Let's just have some old school conversation."

Red Carpet Ready

Natasha was all smiles when she attended a red carpet party for her dad in May 2010.

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