Watch Alex Rodriguez's Daughter Natasha Became An E! News Reporter At the 2020 Super Bowl

Alex Rodriguez's daughter took the mic from E! News and interviewed him about the Super Bowl and Jennifer Lopez. Plus, Demi Lovato told E! all about how her performance was a dream come true.

By Jamie Blynn Feb 03, 2020 1:48 PMTags

It's safe to say Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's modern family are the real champions of the 2020 Super Bowl.

During her instantly iconic halftime performance, the superstar singer surprised fans when she brought her 11-year-old daughter on stage to lend her impressive vocals to "Let's Get Loud." Meanwhile, back on the field, the retired athlete's daughter Natasha was showing off her talent as a budding reporter. During an exclusive interview with E! News' Jason Kennedy, the 15-year-old took hold of the mic and expertly grilled her dad on the game and his fiancee's upcoming show.

"How's the day going for you?" she oh-so-professionally asked the former Yankee, to which he cooly responded, "Natasha, it's going fantastic. It's going to be an epic day. Perfect weather right here in Miami."

Epic was an understatement. With help from ShakiraJ Balvin and Bad Bunny, J.Lo shut the place down in a concert we'll certainly be talking about for years to come.

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Of course, it didn't come together over night. Up until showtime, she was putting her blood, sweat, tears and passion into creating the moment. "She was in game face mode," Alex explained to E! News. "I thought we would be able to sleep in, do a little yoga, watch the pregame show."

But boy was he wrong. Early Sunday morning, "she nudged me out of bed and we went to work out," he added. "She's a beast. She's ready to go and she has the Michael Jordan game face."

That seemed to be the theme for all the performers at the Super Bowl. Earlier in the evening, Demi Lovato continued her comeback tour by singing the national anthem, a goal she's had for more than a decade. And, needless to say, she crushed it, with fans even comparing her renditions to Whitney Houston's highly regarded, 1991 set. Now, the experience and high-praise has her floating on cloud nine.

"It means everything," she exclusively told E! News after the performance. "It was such a dream come true. I tweeted about this 10 years ago and now it happened. It's just so surreal. I'm still gathering myself."