Sarah Jessica Parker Proves She's Carrie Bradshaw IRL With Mismatched Shoes and Ribboncore Look

Sarah Jessica Parker had a ballerina moment at the New York City Ballet's gala on Oct. 5, wearing mismatched shoes, a giant bow and a fluffy tulle ballgown.

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And just like that, Sarah Jessica Parker just set a new fashion trend.

The Sex and the City actress recently channeled her iconic character Carrie Bradshaw IRL while attending the New York City Ballet's 2023 Fall Gala on Oct. 5.

For the special occasion, Sarah made the stylish choice to mismatch her diamond-embellished heels, wearing a black satin stiletto on the left foot and a pastel pink on the other. 

Of course, the And Just Like That star's bejeweled shoes were from her own eponymous shoe line and perfectly complemented her Cinderella ballgown.

In fact, Sarah played up the ballet theme by donning a black Carolina Herrera dress that featured a body-hugging, off-the-shoulder design and a voluminous tulle skirt. She accessorized her ballerina-inspired look with sparkly silver handbag and a giant black satin bow, in which the ribbon that draped all the way down to her ankles.

As for the 58-year-old's glam? Sarah brought the theatrics, opting for a dramatic smoky eye and a sleek half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Of the magical evening, she wrote on Instagram, "Everything was beautiful at the ballet."

Sex and the City Fashion Evolution: Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah's playful ribboncore look comes after she encouraged people to march to the beat of their own drum.

"There is so much chatter and opinions," she said on June 29 episode of The Howard Stern Show. "I think people should do whatever makes them feel better walking out the door."

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Much like Carrie, it's clear Sarah's passion for fashion runs deep.

With that, relive all of the times the actress has re-worn her famous Sex and the City clothes on And Just Like That.

Feeling the Blues

One of the first pieces Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) rewore in And Just Like That...'s premiere was also one of her most infamous accessories: Her wedding shoes a.k.a. the Manolo Blahnik silk Hangisi royal blue stilettos. Alas, they took on a much more bittersweet meaning after Carrie kicked them off in the shower as she cradled a dying Big (Chris Noth).

"It was something that really played through with the storyline," the show's co-costume designer Danny Santiago previously explained to E! News. "We felt like it brings it full circle as far as the longevity of that shoe and to sort of kiss it goodbye in this way."

Feeling the Blues, Part Two

In the same somber scene, Carrie wears another something old and blue, which is the flower pin on her jacket. But the wardrobe team made the decision to make a small tweak to the brooch, Santiago revealed, "because of what plays out, we had to dye the petals in the silk. But the one she's wearing in the scene is the actual archive flower that she has."

The Roger Belt

Carrie's black studded piece became one of the 2008 movie's breakout stars and originally came from Santiago's thrifted collection, though he gifted it to Parker after filming wrapped. And when it came to including archival items in the reboot, the costume department gave credit to their leading lady for holding onto almost all of the clothes she wore throughout the series' run, as well as the two movies.

"We were so lucky that Sarah Jessica has an archive of almost everything," Santiago said. "She kept all of these beautiful pieces that people have so much love for. These pieces were so important they played such important roles in the show and the movies. The fans love these things. They are like characters in the movie and the fact that she has them, we thought, what a great way to bring them back out again? That people are going to be able to see and appreciate it and love it and pick out."

The Fendi Purse

The purple sequined number—which first made its debut in Fendi's Fall/Winter 1999-2000 collection and then in the original series when Carrie was mugged in SoHo, famously shouting at the thief, "It's a Baguette!"—made its comeback in episode three. Carrie broke out one of her most notable accessories when she and the girls went to see Che (Sara Ramirez) at their comedy show. She then reuses the bag when she goes out with Seema (Sarita Choudhury) in episode nine. 

The Eiffel Tower Bag

The Timmy Woods accessory, which made its debut in the first movie, felt like an appropriate item to reuse when Carrie returned to Paris in the And Just Like That... season one finale to scatter Big's ashes.

Tulle For Days

Carrie wore this stunning Versace "mille feuille" gown in Sex and the City's final season, though, as she wistfully noted in And Just Like That..., she never got the chance to wear it in public. 

"Once in Paris and once here, just for fun," she told Seema. "I sat at that window and ate a whole thing of Jiffy Pop." Eating popcorn alone in your NYC apartment while wearing an $80,000 dress? That sounds like our Carrie!

The Wedding Dress

In a picture from the set of the second season that quickly went viral, Parker was seen rewearing Carrie' iconic Vivienne Westwood gown from her failed wedding to Big in the 2008 movie—complete with an homage to the infamous blue bird she wore as a headpiece.

Could this be a dream sequence? A flashback? We can't help but wonder...

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