Virgo Shoppable Horoscope: 11 Gifts Every Virgo Needs to Organize, Unwind & Celebrate

From astrology-themed notebooks to tote bags dedicated to books, here are the 11 things every Virgo wants for their birthday this year.

By Sophy Ziss Aug 23, 2023 7:00 PMTags
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If someone you know was born between August 23 and September 22, it means they're a Virgo. any Virgo in your life is probably announcing on social media, via text chain, or from a balcony overlooking the adoring public: It's officially Virgo season.

Also known as the sign of the Maiden, Virgo folks are dedicated friends, never met a puzzle they didn't want to solve, and they get stuff done. Don't let that description fool, you, though. Efficient in almost every way, Virgos really know how to have a good time. It's just a matter of encouraging them to let their hair down occasionally. 

While these hardworking, reliable, and grounded folks are kind of known for doing everything themselves, the one thing they can't do is surprise themselves with their favorite gifts. 

So whether you're looking for ideas on what to get your fave Virgo or, more likely, have been sent this list directly by one, here are the 11 things we recommend getting a Virgo in your life this season. 

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Opalhouse x Jungalow Hanging Macrame Basket Planter Holder

Virgos are practical by nature, so something that can serve two purposes (i.e., a hanging planter that's also decor) is sure to please this selective sign.

Soothi Jute Tote Bag - Books

I mean, it's a tote bag that says "books." The mere concept draws a Virgo like a moth and a flame.

Corkcicle Daydream Coffee Mug

Corkcicle's innovative insulated mug will keep your fave Virgo's coffee hot for as long as they're working. Which is, generally, all the time. Plus, the whimsical pattern makes long days at a desk that much more delightful.

Joanna Buchanan Sapphire Candle

For September Virgos, you can't do much better than this luxe Joanna Buchanan candle. After all, it's named for (and bejeweled with a stone inspired by!) their birthstone.

Nasty Gal Women's Gold Plated Star Sign Necklace And Earring Set

Earth signs: They're not going to wear their feelings on their sleeves. But this coordinating set can help them wear their sign on their body! Does that make sense? Probably not. But it's fine. They'll be too touched by the gift to ask about the copy in this article.

Soothi Astrology Zodiac Handmade Leather Journal

Gift a Virgo a sophisticated and personalized journal and you'll see them get about as close as they get to expressing emotion.

Our Place Ovenware Set

I'm speaking from experience here: As a Virgo, I absolutely love how Our Place's kitchen essentials are cute, minimalist, easy to store, and best of all? Easy to clean. Heaven. To be fair, I bought mine for myself, so I can't guarantee how a set will be received as a gift. (But probably pretty well.)

Anaya Home Turkish Cotton Waffle Throw 50x70

Virgos might not be great at relaxing, but when they choose to take a moment for themselves, they'll be grateful to have this cozy throw on hand.

Yamazaki Home Controller Stand

A sleek organizer for a gaming Virgo's set of controllers? I'd call that a win.

Besame Cosmetics Cherry Lipstick 1935

Classic, timeless, and ever-so-feminine, this Besame Cosmetics bestseller suits any Virgo's taste.

Hotel Collection Ultimate Relaxation Gift Set

The "Ultimate Relaxation Gift Set," ideal for particular Virgos who can't take a hint, provides "a world of elegance and sophistication with a sampler of 50 milliliter fragrance oils" inspired by the scents of the world's most famous hotels.

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