Leo Shoppable Horoscope: 11 Birthday Gifts To Help the Lioness Roar

Buying birthday gits for Leos that suit the fire sign's natural ability to find the spotlight is easier than you think.

By Sophy Ziss Jul 24, 2023 6:30 PMTags
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Do you know a Leo? You don't have to wonder. If you know one, they'll tell you. They'll be the first ones to tell you. Leos, the sign of the lion, a fire sign, are always ready to shake out their manes and roar. 

This sign loves the spotlight, loves to hold court, and loves to tell you what's on their mind. Often unprompted. In fact, usually unprompted. They don't wait for an invitation; they invite themselves to the party.

To be around a Leo is to be shrouded in their warmth, their blaze, and their intensity. It might also include a little bit of waiting for them to finish primping, but what if there's a camera? You know they need to be ready for their star-making moment.

Below, shop 11 birthday gifts for Leos that will help them shine their brightest this season. Because yes, Leos: You, like everyone else, only get the one per year!

Megababe Beauty Will Save You From Summer Chafing — Yes, Even There

Joanna Buchanan Bright Gem Cocktail Picks

These jewel-toned (and jewel-topped!) cocktail picks are the perfect accoutrement to a Leo hostess' hors d'oeuvres tray.

Dolce Glow Dolce Self-Tanning Mist

Summer birthdays mean outdoor parties, but that doesn't mean throwing sun safety out the door. Give your fave lioness the gift of an even, all-over, buildable sunless tan that's a favorite among celebrities (no, really).

Katie Dean Jewelry Zodiac Necklace

Katie Dean Jewelry's elegant pendant necklace goes with everything in a Leo's wardrobe. After all, they love their sign; why wouldn't they want to show it off even further every day?

Yamazaki Home Vanity Mirror

Yamazaki Home's classic vanity mirror is the ideal way for your fave Leo to put the finishing touches on her daily looks.

Hotel Collection Classic Cabana Candle

Per the brand, this sophisticated candle is inspired by the legendary Ritz-Carlton itself. For the fire sign who wants the best of everything for themselves, you can't do much better than a luxury hotel-themed candle to enhance their space.

Besame Cosmetics 1920 Lipstick

Besame's iconic 1920 shade is the perfect lipstick for the irrepressible center of attention. It also features a creamy formula that won't dry out during wear, and better still? A subtle vanilla flavor. 

Soothi Astrology Zodiac Handmade Leather Journal

It's not like a Leo to keep her thoughts to herself. But for the times she chooses to, these elegant, personalized journal is the perfect place for her to do so. 

NastyGal Women's Glitter Bodycon Dress

Nothing goes better with the hot red lip on this list than a shimmering night out dress to go with it.

The Singing Machine Karaoke System

This one is for my mom, the most Leo who has ever Leo'd, and who has said on multiple occasions that her ideal karaoke night is she has a mic and an audience. Well, Leos: Here you are.

Beistle Royal Rhinestone Tiara, Set of 6

Leos were basically born wearing a tiara, so why not give them a gift that represents that? Plus enough for everyone else at the birthday dinner...if they're lucky.

Shine By Sterling Forever Delicate Constellation Pendant Necklace

Add a little sparkle to your favorite Leo's life with this wear-everywhere necklace.

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