Tyra Banks Recreates Her Iconic Life-Size Character for Barbie Shout-Out

Tyra Banks channeled her beloved character Eve from the hit 2000s movie Life-Size on Instagram in honor of the Barbie movie hitting theaters.

By Alexandra Bellusci Jul 21, 2023 11:34 PMTags

Hi, Eve! Tyra Banks knows everyone's favorite doll is shining bright and shining far.

The supermodel took to Instagram to recreate her iconic character Eve from the beloved 2000 film Life-Size in honor of the Barbie movie hitting theaters July 21. Tyra posted a snap of herself all dolled up in her Eve-centric high-fashioned fit.

The 49-year-old donned a ruffled dress with a gemstone necklace and wore her hair in a half-up, half-down look. She held a cellphone to her ear, reminiscent of her character in the movie.

She hilariously captioned the July 20 post, "Ken, you're leaving me for WHO???"

And fans couldn't be happier to see Eve grace their feeds.

"The original LIFE SIIIIIIZE!!" one user wrote. "Show them how to do it gurrrrrl!!!"

Another follower chimed in, "Favorite Barbie ever."

Rounding out the Life-Size love, a third user declared, "Eve walked so Barbie could run in 2023!!!"

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The cult classic debuted 23 years ago and featured Lindsay Lohan as Casey, the girl who brought Eve to life before Eve decided to undo the spell and return to doll form at the end of the flick.

But her journey didn't stop there. Tyra starred in Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve in 2018 in which Eve came to life to help the young, struggling CEO of the toy company behind the iconic doll. Francia Raisa played Grace Manning, the partying 20-something who needs the magic doll's life.

At the time, Tyra reflected on stepping back into the lovable doll's shoes.

"Putting Eve on again—literally and figuratively—has been so much fun. And I think this Eve 2.0 is much more dramatic," she told E! News in 2018. "She said the hair and makeup is more doll-like, as opposed to the first movie where she looked…very much like herself."

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She added, "Here I feel like there's an exaggeration and I think people are going to get a kick out of the eye candy of Eve."

As for what it was like channeling the ultra fashionable barbie doll? "In terms of being her, that was just like getting on that bicycle 19 years later," she confessed, "and I just feel like her."

Tyra even drew inspo from a special someone when recreating the character: her now 8-year-old son York Banks-Asla.

"Sometimes I'm actually channeling my son," the former Dancing With the Stars host said, "I'm just really being him, and it's Eve!" 

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This screams classic Eve.

Sleepover Chic

Some glitter, some tulle, some shag...

Black and White

Did she take this from Cruella de Vil's closet?


There are a lot of looks going on here. What kind of event is this?

Candy Cane

Oh yes, there are musical numbers!

Metallic Neon

The top says '90s club kid, the skirt says business boss.