The FBoy Island Universe Is Expanding With FGirl Island Spinoff and a New Home

FBoy Island has been resurrected—and given an FGirl Island spinoff—at a new network three months after being canceled by HBO Max. Find out where it’ll air.

By Daniel Trainor Mar 17, 2023 1:12 AMTags
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You can't get rid of an FBoy.

Three months after it was canceled by HBO Max after two seasons, FBoy Island has been saved by The CW for a third installment, according to Deadline

The reality dating series follows three women and 24 men—12 "Nice Guys" seeking a relationship and 12 "FBoys" only there for a cash prize—at a luxurious resort in the Cayman Islands.

But hey, why do the FBoys get to have all the fun?

At its new home, FBoy Island will be joined by spinoff FGirl Island which is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Bring on the FGirls!

Nikki Glaser hosted the first two seasons of FBoy Island on HBO Max, though it's unclear if she'll make the network jump or host the spinoff.

In August, FBoy Island creator Elan Gale exclusively told E! News that he had big plans for the franchise.

"I would love nothing more than to continue expanding the FPerson Universe," Gale said. "And I sincerely hope that happens."

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We love to see dreams come true!

"I love FBoys, FGirls, FPeople and I want to keep bringing back all of the fan-favorites because I think we can tell 10-year stories," Gale continued. "We want to use the Marvel philosophy."

In fact, Gale had already started thinking about which past cast members could return.


He posited that season two "Nice Guy" Benedict Polizzi is "a good example" of somebody who could make an FBoy Island return because "he's really funny, really smart and he really grows on you."

Kind of like FBoy Island itself.

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