FBoy Island Boss Breaks Down That Shocking Season 2 Finale Twist

After FBoy Island's season two finale introduced a bold new twist that gave the women the power, executive producer Elan Gale explained to E! News why the show decided to switch things up.

By Tierney Bricker Aug 04, 2022 1:00 PMTags

F-Boy? F-Bye. F-Girl? F-Hi!

FBoy Island's second season came to a shocking conclusion on Aug. 4, with the HBO Max reality dating series delivering yet another twist that had us scrapping the remnants of our jaws off the floor. Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed with more caution than an F-Boy entering Limbro!

After courting controversy in its first season for taking the prize money away from winner and self-proclaimed F-Boy Garrett Morosky, FBoy Island's creator Elan Gale decided to introduce a new wrinkle in season two's final episode: The three leads had the option to keep all the money for themselves and leave the show single. 

So, Mia Jones and Louise Barnard each decided to take risks and pick F-Boys, with Peter Park and Mercedes Knox proving to have reformed when they both chose to split the money. But Tamaris Sepulveda revealed herself to be the show's first F-Girl when she chose the $100,000 over continuing her relationship with nice guys Casey Johnson and Niko Pilalis

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So why did the producers decide to add in this last-minute twist?

"We always knew we were going to give the women the option because we wanted to level the playing field," Gale exclusively told E! News. "We wanted to change the rules to give the men the option to actually win this time, but it doesn't make sense for the men the be the only ones capable of winning $100,000."

So," he continued, "that was the one way we could assure the women were still in control and had the ultimate decision. We wanted to honor what the audience wanted, which was making sure the men could actually win, but we also don't want to punish the women."

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Sure, Tamaris' decision was astonishing, but it wasn't all that surprising if you picked up on the various breadcrumbs she dropped about her F-Girl ways over the course of the season. For Gale, however, he really wasn't sure what was going to happen after the three leads learned about the option to keep the money.

"I thought there was a very, very, very good chance that we were going to have three couples in the end," he said, going on to reveal he "blasted through the roof like it was the moon landing" when Tamaris made her choice. 


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"It was an exceptionally brave thing to do in my opinion and I don't think it was an easy thing for her," Gale explained. "I don't think her feelings for Casey weren't real, she just thought about what kind of experience she was having and what she wanted and she just made a really interesting, smart play."

However, Gale's heart goes out to Casey. "I don't think either of them were being disingenuous," he said, "but I think that Tamaris just wanted to put Tamaris first and I was thrilled for her and sad for Casey simultaneously."


After Tamaris' decision, her fellow leads Mia and Louise commended her and so did her two rejected suitors, a far cry from the outraged reaction Garrett received when he chose to keep the $100,000 after Sarah Emig picked him in the season one finale. It's an interesting double-standard that Gale is excited to see viewers discuss. 

"We want these conversations about what's right and what's wrong and what's working and what isn't to change every season," he shared. "We don't want you to know how you feel when people make decisions. The truth is that there is no right answer and that's what's so fun about the show. We are not trying to create a moral scale, we are trying to ask interesting moral questions."

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And just because Tamaris left single doesn't mean her time on FBoy Island wasn't a success. Sure, it's a reality dating series, but Gale doesn't believe happily ever after has to mean a traditional ending.

"To me, a successful relationship on FBoy Island is two people who feel like their soul has been affected by the other person," he explained. "That can last a day or that can last a lifetime and I'm not sure I can see the difference."


Still, he does have hope for Mia and Peter, as well as Louise and Meredes.

"They really, really fully immersed themselves in each other," Gale mused. "When Louise was really concerned about how Mercedes would be outside of there, I don't think any of that was for show. I really believe her. I really believe Mia's concerns."

And, ultimately, Gale said, "Mia, Louise and Tamaris are three entirely different individuals and they all told the story that made sense for them."

F-Yeah they did. 

FBoy Island season two is streaming on HBO Max.