Robin Wright Shares the Real Story Behind Those Reunion Photos With Ex Sean Penn

Robin Wright revealed the backstory behind her and ex Sean Penn's recent public outing, as well as shared her hopes of working alongside her family in future projects.

By Paige Strout Feb 13, 2023 7:37 PMTags
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Everything is all right when it comes to Robin Wright's relationship with her ex-husband Sean Penn.

The former couple made headlines last month after they were spotted in public together for the first time in six years. And according to Robin, their kids Dylan, 31, and Hopper Penn, 29, were the reason behind their recent reunion.

"We were going to an event for our children," the House of Cards alum exclusively told E! News' Francesca Amiker, adding, "We're always gonna be a family, whether we're together or apart, you know, and I think that's beautiful and I wish that for everybody."

Maintaining a friendship with her ex—whom she officially split from in 2010 after initially filing for divorce in 2007—is something Robin called "a gift," as she noted, "We know divorce with children is one of the most difficult things in life."

In the years since their split, Robin and Sean have gone on to work with their kids in various projects. Dylan and Sean teamed up together for the 2021 film Flag Day, while Dylan starred alongside Hopper in the 2022 movie Signs of Love.

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And most recently, Robin got to play Hopper's on-screen mother in the upcoming drama Devil's Peak, which premieres Feb. 17.

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As for whether fans will see the whole family on the big screen together in the future? "Oh my gosh, wouldn't that be amazing?" Robin delightfully shared. "This is a family unit. We've always been a unit, and I hope that we'll always work together, one of us with the other or three of us or four."

But for as much as Hopper says he "loved working with his mom," he told E! News, "I want to my own thing. Every movie I've done has been with a family member."

Being the loving and encouraging mother she is, Robin responded to her son, saying, "You will."

Devil's Peak premieres in theaters Feb. 17 and on demand Feb. 24.

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