TikTok's Alix Earle Had a Magical Run-In With Channing Tatum at Miami Movie Premiere

Alix Earle shared behind the scenes look at her appearance at the Magic Mike's Last Dance premiere, where she posed for photos with Channing Tatum. See the TikToker’s Miami Beach glam look.

By Alexandra Bellusci Jan 26, 2023 7:28 PMTags
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Alix Earle's night out was one for the books.

The TikToker made walked the red carpet for the Miami premiere of Magic Mike's Last Dance Jan. 25, where she posted for photos with star Channing Tatum. Alix, who was dressed in a sparkly black blazer, sheer, glittery tights and a vintage Dior bag, smiled alongside the 21 Jump Street actor who also opted for an all black look, dressed in a suit and dress shoes. In a series of photos posted to her Instagram Stories, the 22-year-old took followers along with her throughout the premiere.

And the occasion—which she revealed was her first ever movie premiere—marked a full circle moment for the influencer.

"So this is for the last Magic Mike movie," Alix noted in a video from earlier in the day as she got ready for the event. "Which is so crazy because I remember specifically being at a sleepover—I don't know if it was middle school or early high school—watching the Magic Mike movie and I had the biggest crush on Channing Tatum. Like what is life right now?"

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And while she ultimately chose an all-black ensemble for the event, she shared what went in to choosing the right look.

I'm bringing my roommate Kristin with me and we're a little confused on what to wear. It's a red carpet moment and then it's like Miami Beach attire," Alix explained. "You have to be very careful if you're going to tell me Miami Beach attire because I will dress in the tiniest little outfit I have, like I do the I'm going out, so I'm just going to take that with a grain of salt and I'm just going to wear a nice outfit."

Dubbing the event, "The BEST night," in a Jan. 26 TikTok, sharing highlights from the red carpet, she noted that she owes the incredible opportunities she has like the premiere to her followers, writing, "Just a reminder I wouldn't be able to do any of this without you guys. Have a surprise coming later for you guys!!"


While the premiere was a major first for Alix, it also marked the final outing for Channing Tatum and his titular stipper. And while on the red carpet the actor reflected how much has changed for him since the first Magic Mike film's 2012 release.

"Oh, you ain't got enough time," the 42-year-old shared exclusively with E! News. "You ain't got enough time and I don't even have enough comprehension to be able to tell you. But it's a completely different situation."

Channing noted that if he could tell his younger self anything about this moment it would be, "Hold on! Because it's gonna be a ride."

—Reporting by Becky Randel

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