Mark Wahlberg Was Naked for 12 (!) Hours Filming a Scene With Kevin Hart for Me Time

By Paige Strout Aug 24, 2022 10:43 PMTags

Mark Wahlberg stripped down for his new Netflix comedy Me Time, only his nude scene wasn't as sexy as you'd think.

The scene in question involves his character Huck greeting his BFF Sonny (Kevin Hart) in nothing but a pair of sneakers, and the scene was just as uncomfortable for Wahlberg to film as it sounds.

"Unfortunately for me, the whole day lasted 12 hours in Long Beach on the pier," he exclusively told E! News' Daily Pop at the film's L.A. premiere on August 23. "And every once in a while, somebody would give me a robe or something, but not comfortable."

The film follows Sonny, a suburban at-home dad, who decides to spend his "me time" away from his family by joining his old friend for a wild birthday weekend, complete with dance parties, sky diving, car crashes and cougar attacks.

When it comes to his version idea of "me time," Hart enjoys using it to work on himself.

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"That 5 a.m. slot, 4:35 a.m. in the gym, that's my time; clear my head, work on myself, no distractions," the comedian told Daily Pop's Francesca Amiker on the red carpet. "I've been true to that for over the course of the last five years, maybe. So far, it's working, so if it's not broke, I'm not gonna try to fix it."

But that doesn't mean the Jumanji star doesn't know how to have a good time. When asked about the wildest thing he's ever done for his birthday, Hart couldn't recall what it was, joking, "I honestly don't remember because I passed out on every birthday that I've thrown a party for."

As for the most insane thing Wahlberg ever did to celebrate another year around the sun? He said, "I probably jumped in the ocean with my clothes."

Hear the cast spill more behind-the-scenes secrets in the full video above.

Me Time premieres on Netflix Friday, August 26.