Why Jennifer Coolidge Insists They Make Legally Blonde 3 ASAP

As the highly-anticipated third installment of Legally Blonde continues to be pushed back, Jennifer Coolidge is hoping to speed up to process so she can move on from one very iconic moment.

By Ashley Joy Parker Aug 02, 2022 10:34 PMTags
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Jennifer Coolidge wants something besides a hot dog real bad.

While actress said she's "excited" by the idea of reprising her iconic role of Paulette Bonafonté in a third Legally Blonde film, she admitted that, most of all, she's hoping to move on her famous 4th of July moment from Legally Blonde 2.

"I get thousands and thousands of texts and videos of people doing the 4th of July thing," she shared during an appearance on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show. "Men, women, these TikTokers and lots of drag queens send me these funny videos and do these weird things with the vegan hot dogs stuff, but I feel like if we did a Legally Blonde 3, I would have something else."

Not that she doesn't love the impersonations, but Jennifer, 60, just believes the routine is getting old.

"The drag queens, first of all, they're funnier than I am," she admitted. "They do me better than I can do myself and I love them for it, but you know, I feel like their shtick is getting limited when they do it. We should give them a huge, a new thing that no one's even thought of."

Secrets of Legally Blonde

ICYMI, in one iconic scene, Paulette enthusiastically remarks on Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods' red-white-and-blue ensemble: "Oh my god—you look like the 4th of July! Makes me want a hot dog real bad."

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Suggesting that maybe Legally Blonde 3 should focus on "some other holiday," Jennifer just wants the sequel to get made ASAP, sso she doesn't have to endure another summer of crowded hot dog content.

"I've really done this 4th of July thing and I'm gonna have to insist to Reese that we make it this year because I'm not gonna make it," she continued. "I'm not gonna, I can't do it. I can't do it next year. I can't. You know what I mean? I need new material."

Back in October, MGM Studios tweeted that a third installment of Legally Blonde is officially in the works. "Elle Woods is back!" read the tweet. "Legally Blonde 3 coming May 2022. We rest our case."

However, the film continues to be pushed back. According to IMDb, the sequel now will come out sometime in 2023.


While fans may have to wait a little longer for to see Jennifer transform back into Paulette, Legally Blonde 3 co-writer Mindy Kaling previously told E! News that she has some big plans for the beloved character, especially after seeing Jennifer's critically-acclaimed performance in The White Lotus.

"Obviously, Paulette was just like so integral to the to the whole franchise," Mindy explained in 2021, "but once we saw [The White Lotus] we were like, 'Ooh, we really want to make sure that she has something really juicy to do.'" 

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