iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove Shares Her Hopes for Creddie in Season 3

Following iCarly's season three renewal, star Miranda Cosgrove revealed her hopes for Carly and Freddie (Nathan Kress). Plus, get details on her partnership with USAA on Fort Innovate.

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Miranda Cosgrove is ready to flip the script when it comes to Creddie.

That's right, the star of iCarly wants her titular character to be the one chasing Freddie (Nathan Kress) for once. Cosgrove said as much in an exclusive interview with E! News, which followed the confirmation that the iCarly reboot on Paramount+ will be back for a third season. And after the season two finale put Carly and Freddie's feelings for one in the spotlight, it seems viewers may finally see the on-screen besties get together in adulthood.

"In the original series, they're little and Freddie always had almost like, a puppy love for Carly," Cosgrove said of the two characters, "and Carly would always just laugh about it. But now that they're adults, it's a totally different dynamic. It would be interesting to see more from Carly's perspective, how she feels about Freddie, especially now that his character has been through two divorces on the show and has a daughter and everything's changed."

In other words, Cosgrove would like to see if Carly's the one "that's going to fight for Freddie."

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And while this iteration of iCarly is more mature, it's not afraid to call back to its predecessor. Namely, the new series often welcomes back fan favorite characters. 

So, can we expect more of these familiar faces in season three? Cosgrove is already hoping to bring back Lewbert (Jeremy Rowley) for the new episodes.

"He was in an episode during the second season, but just one episode," she said. "It'd be really fun if we got him back into the Bushwell building. Maybe he's the doorman again?"

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Cosgrove also hopes that Josh Peck, her co-star from her Drake & Josh days, will also return as her character's manager for season three. "Not just because I think he's hilarious and love that he is the character's manager," she added, "but also because he's one of my closest friends. It was really fun working with him."

When Cosgrove, who is the star an executive producer of iCarly, isn't mapping out the show's future, she using her platform to encourage young fans to get involved with STEM. This summer, Cosgrove is partnering with USAA on Fort Innovate, a lab designed to teach children about innovation and encourage them to become the next generation of big thinkers.

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On why she chose to collaborate with USAA on Fort Innovate, which is touring across the United States, Cosgrove said, "I am super into STEM because I host and produce a show called Mission Unstoppable, where we interview and meet all these really cool women in STEM every week. That really opened up my eyes and inspired me and helped me learn a lot more about the STEM world. So that's what I'm hoping Fort Innovate does for young people."

Not only is it "totally free," according to Cosgrove, but the innovation lab allows kids and their families to have "a really fun, hands-on experience."

Learn more about Fort Innovate here.

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