Why Joey King Says She'd "Absolutely" Shave Her Head Again

Joey King explained that she "never felt more free or more in tune with my beauty" than when she has shaven her head.

By Alyssa Morin Jul 28, 2022 5:31 PMTags

Joey King doesn't have a one-track mind in the hair department.

The Bullet Train actress, who recently debuted a vibrant pink bob at the Berlin premiere, opened up about why she's not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to her hair. More specifically, Joey told Allure (of which she is the latest digital cover star) that she would "absolutely" shave her head again. 

"I think every woman should [shave their head] at least once in their life," she said. "I've never felt more free or more in tune with my beauty. I couldn't hide behind my hair."

Throughout Joey's decades-long career, she's rocked the buzzcut not once, not twice but three times. At just 11 years old, she went bald for the first time in The Dark Knight Rises, then again in Wish I Was Here at 14. More recently, at age 20, she shaved her head for Hulu's 2019 limited series, The Act

Stars' Epic Hair Transformations

"A lot of people made fun of me when I had my head shaved," Joey admitted. "A lot of people said really mean things. But when I had short hair, I actually felt more confident; I felt very powerful."


She added, "[Their words] slid off my back. People like to insert themselves in other people's business when it doesn't actually matter. Me having a shaved head for a project really upsets you that much? I'm doing fine."

Take one look at the characters Joey transforms into—a mysterious assassin in Bullet Train, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the real-life woman who killed her mother Dee Dee Blanchard in The Act, and a sword-wielding princess in The Princess—it's easy to understand why she's not afraid of some trimmers. 

"I like to keep myself on my toes. I don't want to keep doing what people are expecting of me," she explained. "If you want it out of me, it makes me wonder if I should go a different route."

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