Would Daisy Kelliher Ever Leave Sailing Yacht for Another Below Deck Spinoff? She Says...

Pondering her future on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, chief stew Daisy Kelliher revealed how long she plans to star on the show, and if she'd ever join another Below Deck spinoff.

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As season three of Below Deck Sailing Yacht comes to a close—although there's still the supersized reunion episode to look forward to—there's naturally one question on everyone's mind: What's next for season four?

Chief stew Daisy Kelliher, for her part, doesn't know quite yet. After pondering how long she sees herself starring on Sailing Yacht during an exclusive interview with E! News, she quipped, "Well, how long is a piece of string?" 

She continued, "It's lots of factors: if they'll ask me back, if the fans want me back, and of course, in my personal life, if I'm in a situation where I'm able to go back."

Daisy said the latter isn't an issue at the moment since she's not dating anyone—though that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about her and co-star Gary King—adding, "So yeah, I could go back. We'll see!"

Should she ever find herself in need of a job elsewhere than Sailing Yacht's Parsifal III, Daisy revealed her stance on joining another one of Bravo's Below Deck shows such as Down Under of Mediterranean.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Cast

"I wouldn't mind giving it a go," Daisy said. "I think I was more open to the idea last year, but now I just love sailing. I love Captain Glenn. I just feel it wouldn't be quite right seeing me somewhere else. So I would do it, of course—I'm pretty open-minded person—but I definitely think me and sailing are a pretty good match."

We'd have to agree. 

The special 90-minute Below Deck Sailing Yacht season three reunion airs Monday, June 27 at 8 p.m. on Bravo. To prepare for all of the madness to come, read on and study up on this season's wild love pentagon.

Ashley Sets Her Sights on Gary and Tom

From the moment Ashley Marti stepped aboard the Parsifai III, she was seemingly less interested in obtaining second stew status and more concerned with pursuing either Gary King or Tom Pearson. She ended up going for both men, though Gary was much less reciprocative. 

Tom and Ashley Get Cozy

Despite dismissing Tom as too young for her—even though they're the same age—Ashley proceeded to hook up with the deckhand for much of the season's start. That didn't stop her from becoming jealous any time Gary flirted with chief stew Daisy Kelliher or second stew Gabriela Barragan, though.

Things Heat Up Between Daisy and Gary

The aforementioned flirtation between Gary and Daisy culminated in a steamy hot tub make out session. Daisy hilariously denied that the hook up ever happened despite the fact that Below Deck Sailing Yacht's cameras captured the entire thing, but by doing so, she made it clear that she wasn't interested in pursuing Gary, let alone willing to compete for his attention. 

Tom Takes Notice

Meanwhile, Ashley was still pining over Gary—so much so that Tom caught on and promptly poured a bottle of Patron on her head. 

The Pentagon Adds a New Member

Thankfully for Ashley, Tom was soon fired for letting the yacht run aground. She was then able to focus her full attention on Gary, but unfortunately for her, Gabriela was now in the mix.

The Kissing Continues

Gary and Ashley ultimately made out in the back of a cab, meaning at that point, he had kissed three of the four women aboard. Colin MacRae, this season's voice of reason, eventually asked Ashley the question we've all been thinking: "Why are all the ladies fighting over Gary?" 

Gabriela vs. Ashley

Ashley wanted Gary to choose between her and Gabriela, but unfortunately for her, Gabriela made her way into Gary's bed that same night. This only added to the existing tension between the two.

Gary Dreams of Daisy

Meanwhile, Gary appeared to be genuinely interested in Daisy. While gossiping about the love pentagon one night, Colin and Marcos Spaziani urged Gary to reveal his true feelings, asking, "So who's it going to be?" Replied Gary, "Daisy would be a good shag." How romantic.

Switching Things Up

By episode 10, a lot had changed. Gabriela disembarked the Parsifal III, and Ashley and Gary were back to hooking up. That didn't stop his wandering eye, though, and when he started blatantly flirting with Daisy, Ashley lost it. "Will you guys just f--k already?" she aggressively asked the pair. 

Drunken Decisions

That same episode, Ashley came onto Gary in the hot tub. The two started to hook up, but seemingly out of nowhere, Gary just got up and left. Things get murky from there, as Gary went back to his room, and the next morning, insisted he didn't remember anything from the previous night. Meanwhile, Ashley—and Bravo's cameras—hinted that something ultimately went down. Here's how Ashley put it: "I gave him an actual back massage...and then somehow his pants came off."

Kissing and Telling

Just when things were seemingly starting to heat up between Ashley and Gary, a new stew, Scarlett Bentley, joined the charter. Gary was unsurprisingly interested, and Ashley was unsurprisingly jealous. She proceeded to tell Scarlett that she wasn't even sure if she was single, implying that there was something more going on between her and Gary, despite the fact that he continued to play down their recent hook up. Ashley, meanwhile, had no qualms openly discussing the fact that she "f--ked" Gary, even in front of Scarlett. 

A New Supreme Rises

After Ashley went on a drunken rampage about Gary's "f--king penis being in my f--king vagina," he was eager to move on to Scarlett. Before long, they were making out in the pantry.

Gary Takes a (Small) Stand

Colin once again proved he's this season's voice of reason when he pulled Gary aside and insisted he tell Ashley that he wasn't interested in her, but Scarlett. Gary eventually did, but Ashley, naturally, didn't take it very well. Thankfully, Daisy—who's over the drama and would rather focus on the job at hand—blessed us with this all-timer: "I am trying to teach the women how to be a team, and of course, Gary and his small d--k ruin everything."

Stay tuned for more as this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht floats on.

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