Why T-Pain's Road to Wiscansin Tour May Be His Wildest—But Most Rewarding—Ride Yet

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, “Bartender” and “I’m Sprung” rapper T-Pain teased what to expect from the upcoming Wiscansin Fest. “I think it's going to be the festival of the summer,” he said.

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Yes, T-Pain still likes the bartender.

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 15 years since the rapper released iconic tracks like "Bartender" and "Buy U a Drank." But after all these years, the 37-year-old is still giving fans a reason to raise their glasses to the gift of live music with his Road to Wiscansin tour, a name inspired by his beloved 2008 single "Can't Believe It." ("I can put you in a mansion somewhere in Wiscansin.") 

"The fans bring the energy every time, but Atlanta was pretty special for me," T-Pain exclusively shared with E! News. "My entire family was there. Plus, my wife and kids surprised me on stage at the end of the show for the last song. It was really a dope moment for me and something I'll never forget."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

It's quite a comeback for T-Pain, who said that in 2019, his old label and management team had to cancel shows due to low ticket sales. Now, T-Pain is feeling confident with what he has created through hard work and dedication.

Sebastian Francis

"To turn around three years later with no label and no management and sell out an entire tour, that is the best feeling right there," he said. "Suck it, everybody else." 

The Road to Wiscansin tour, which features supporting acts Erica Banks and Young Cash, concludes on June 11 at T-Pain's first ever Wiscansin Festival, which is being held in—you guessed it—Wisconsin.

If you ask the man himself, this star-studded event may be the festival of the summer. "I have really been planning this entire thing and have been super hands-on," he said. "I'm looking at this festival from a fan perspective and what would I want to see when I go to a festival. I've hand-picked the artists performing, which are not the usual artists you see on all these other festivals lineups. I wanted to switch things up." 

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Night to Remember

When music fans attend the Road To Wiscansin tour, T-Pain hopes it's one of the best concerts they have ever been to. "When I plan my s--t, I really think about it from a fan perspective," he told E! News. "I just want people to have a great experience from the second they walk into the door until they walk out of the door and come out saying, 'That T-Pain show was crazy.'"


During his show at the Novo in Los Angeles, T-Pain surprised the crowd with a special appearance from Yung Gravy

VIP Experience

Before every show, T-Pain is able to interact with select fans in a unique way. "We got Razer to come in and provide us with 15 gaming laptops that I set up myself before every show in my greenroom for fans to come down and play me in Halo," he said. "It is pretty f--king cool." 

New Discovery

In recent years, T-Pain has developed a loyal fan base on the streaming service, Twitch. "They tune in to my streams for hours on end and just watch me create songs from scratch," he said. "They will stick with me through a 10-hour stream sometimes and then still go crazy when I actually put the song out on the streaming platforms." 

Prepare for Nostalgia

If you're hoping to hear "Bartender," "I'm Sprung" and other classic hits from T-Pain, you may be in luck. "Most people don't know, but I made those songs all by myself. I wrote, produced, and sang all of it. Those were my beats," he said. "I think people love those so much because they were all me and you can feel that when you listen to them. I've also been told it's just timeless music. I'm just grateful people still rock with them so heavy."

Team Effort

During T-Pain's latest tour, concertgoers will also be able to see Erica Banks and Young Cash perform live. "This has also been the first tour in my career where I really got to hand pick who I wanted to come on the road with me," T-Pain said. "Young Cash is basically my brother and has been with me from the very beginning of Nappy Boy. Erica is dope and puts on a solid show." 

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