Allow Vinny Guadagnino to Heat Up Your Day With His Revealing Chippendales Secrets

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino shared behind-the-scenes secrets behind Las Vegas’ iconic—and sexy—show.

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Watch: Why Jersey Shore's Vinny LOVES Chippendales

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Gym, tan, lap dances?!

As one of Jersey Shore's original cast members, Vinny Guadagnino is a pro when it comes to having fun and fist pumping all night long. But as he returns to Chippendales to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the self-proclaimed Keto Guido is ready to turn up the heat.

"Chippendales is a legit Vegas show," Vinny exclusively shared with E! News. "It's not a strip club or anything like that. It's like any other Vegas show you see when it comes to dancing and singing and entertainment and comedy. But obviously, it has the male revue to it."

Party Pics: Las Vegas

Serving as a special celebrity guest host on Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances through April 10, Vinny says he likes to "get the party started" from the very beginning.

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Throughout the show, he will jump into certain numbers and hype up the crowd. He'll also get interactive with the audience, like when he participates in a sizzling shower scene.
"I started doing that just for fun because I saw Tyson Beckford tried it," Vinny explained. "I was like, ‘He was a guest host and he did that so why can't I?' It's honestly the most fun number of the whole show."
And while the majority of audience members are women celebrating bachelorette parties and other milestones, Vinny says anyone over 18 is welcome to experience the fun.

"You're not just watching the show. You're watching the audience too, because the audience is a character in itself," Vinny shared. "You never know what they're going to do next and they're going crazy."

Keep scrolling for a sexy behind-the-scenes look at Vinny's third residency at Chippendales. Perhaps what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.  

Bring Him Out

When it was time for Chippendales to resume performances after the pandemic, producers quickly asked Vinny Guadagnino to come back for more. "We just picked up where we left off because I was kind of on a roll the first time that we did it," he said. "It has become a fun kind of side gig that I have." 

Food for Thought

In the weeks leading up to his Chippendales return, Vinny was diligent about his workout routine and diet. "I get into really strict mode when I'm preparing for the show," the Keto Guido Cookbook author shared with E! News. "Then, when I'm here, I'm kind of on cruise control. I kind of maintain what I've worked so hard for. I just got back from a 5-mile run. I do a bunch of classes here. The show keeps me active, but I try to enjoy my life too." 

Let the Good Times Roll

Don't underestimate the skills and swag of the Chippendales cast. "The guys are super talented," Vinny shared with E! News. "They're amazing dancers and singers, and it's all work. Everybody is changing in two seconds and jumping from number to number and doing backflips literally on stage. Check it out and you would know what I'm talking about."

Hot in Here

One show moment gaining steam is a memorable shower scene. "It kind of fell into my lap—no pun intended," he teased. "It's almost like if Vinny did that, he set the bar pretty high and he doesn't have to do anything else." Spoiler: He sticks around for the rest of the show.

Work and Play

What's it really like to live in Las Vegas? For starters, Vinny says he's off the strip and not in "tourist mode" everyday. "During the week, I keep it very low key," he said. "I work out. I have a lot of friends up here that are locals so we go to the local gyms, local restaurants. I save all my energy and drinking and all that stuff for the weekend." 

Goo-Goo for Gaga

Vinny is ready to spread the love to all audience members, including celebrities. "If Lady Gaga is in town, I would give her a lap dance," he joked. "I honestly would think that she would love it just because she's so eccentric. But I'm also down to give Katy Perry a lap dance too and any of the other performers who are in town." 

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