Madison Beer Discusses Her Emotional Return to the Stage and More Secrets of Her Life Support Tour

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Madison Beer shared all her feels about performing for fans again and how she helped design the Life Support Tour, from her outfits to the confetti.

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Hey, this is a story we love: Madison Beer is officially back on tour! 

After releasing her debut album, Life Support, in February 2021, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter took her record on the road.

The Life Support Tour hit multiple stops across North America, including a sold-out show in New York City, before recently hopping across the Atlantic for its U.K. and European leg. 

After not being able to perform due to the coronavirus pandemic, the singer told E! News exclusively that she feels "really good" and is "happy to be back together" with her fans once again.

Madison Beer Shares Her Favorite Pieces from Her Chic, 90s-Inspired Boohoo Collection

Madison has taken a hands-on approach when it comes to crafting the Life Support Tour, putting her stamps on its set design, wardrobe and choreography decisions.

The result is a magical evening with the singer that transports audiences into a fairytale world of pure imagination complete with back up dancers, confetti cannons and more. And, best of all, it's entirely set to the tune of her greatest hits, including "Selfish," "Default" and "Reckless."

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Revisiting these songs each night in front of a new audience has been a unique journey for Madison. "It's so cool how songs get a new life when they're on tour," she shared. "I wrote these songs when I was in such a different place—a lot of them were written three plus years ago." 

"It's definitely incredible to see [fans] sing them live and see how it's affected them now, all these years later, and how we've been able to bond over things that I thought were just so specific to me," the singer confessed. "It's very special to be on stage and sing about something that you're so affected by and see so many people are as well. You're like, 'Wow, I'm not alone in this.' I don't take it for granted."  

In fact, if Madison could offer anything to fans who attend her concerts, it's that they feel the same sense of belonging and love that she feels on stage. "I think that we're a big family," she said. "I hope that it's everything that they dreamed of because I know that we were both counting down so many days."

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“You Did It, Star Girl”

Madison Beer shared that one of the greatest experiences thus far on her Life Support Tour has been seeing heartwarming projects that fans have prepared to show their love and appreciation. "They do little projects where they'll have signs that they hold up at a certain song or a certain lyric and that's always really sweet," she said. "I've seen them do it for my song ‘Default' a lot. One the other day said, ‘You've always felt like home to us." Another one said, "You did it Star Girl." They go out of their way to make me feel loved and that means the f--king world. It's really, really special."

Ready to Go Pre-Show

When it comes to getting pumped up before the show, Madison is an easygoing artist: She just likes to chill! "I wish I did have some whole, thought-out crazy ritual," she said. "I do my own makeup, so that's kind of when I zone out and just get in the headspace to go on stage." She also tries not to worry too much, in part because "when I take things too seriously and I work them up so much in my head, that's when I end up nervous." Instead, she shares, "When I casually go about it, then it's always a bit easier."

Globe Trotter

Madison isn't letting the opportunity to see the world slip through her fingers. So far on the European leg of her tour, she's tried to take in some of the sights—including the Eiffel Tower—and hit up every major landmark that she can in between concerts. "I usually have back-to-back shows. We don't really have like many off-days," she explained. "But, when I do, I try to walk around and see if there's a sight to see or go to the most popular coffee shop. I try to get a taste of every city that I can, even if I've only got an hour."

Fantasty Fashionista

According to Madison, the "girly, dolly" outfits she wears in the show were heavily inspired by the fairytale music video for her single "Reckless." "I think it's super cute and it fits this era really well," she said. "It feels really authentic to the music and [fans] seem to love it." Her favorite on-stage outfit? "I really like act two, which is the poofy, green and brown one that I'm wearing on this leg," she shared. "That one is my favorite; I think it's the cutest."

The People Make the Place

While out on the road, Madison shared that she keeps her loved ones close at hand. "I have my team that's really been with me for a minute, so they keep me grounded. I've got my boyfriend with me. I've got my favorite blanket. It feels like home," she said. "The people around me make it feel like home and are really amazing about helping me feel that way."

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