Here's What Amanda Bynes is Looking Forward to After Her Conservatorship Ends

Amanda Bynes is on the cusp of freedom after filing papers to end her more than eight-year conservatorship. Find out what awaits the actress after she regains her independence.

By Corinne Heller, Alli Rosenbloom, Spencer Lubitz Feb 28, 2022 12:02 AMTags
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What a girl wants is freedom, and Amanda Bynes is looking forward to it after making a major step in that direction.

Last week, the 35-year-old Hairspray actress filed papers to terminate her conservatorship, which has been controlled by her mother Lynn since it was first implemented in 2013 after the star underwent a 5150 psychiatric hospitalization that followed personal and legal turmoil. In recent years, Bynes has made major changes in her life—she's improved her relationship with her family, studied at Los Angeles' Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and gotten engaged.

"Once the conservatorship is terminated, she'll be able to get married, live wherever she likes and travel freely wherever she wants to go, among other things," a source close to Bynes told E! News. "Nobody is really sure right now what's next for her, but whatever it is, Amanda's mom knows that based on the reports they've gotten, that Amanda is determined, successful and able to manage her day to day life and well-being."

Bynes' attorney, David A. Esquibias, echoed similar comments. "Once the conservatorship is terminated," he said, "Amanda will be free to live her life as she chooses."

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Bynes' petition to terminate her conservatorship states that since 2020, the actress has been living in a structured community for women. That year, the What a Girl Wants actress announced her engagement to Paul Michael, whom she met in rehab.

"She is still with Paul, her fiancée, and she's been surrounding herself with supportive people and making good, healthy choices for herself," the source close to the actress told E! News. "She is still in school at FIDM, working hard to finish her [bachelor's] degree."

In 2021, Bynes, who has already obtained an associate's degree in merchandise product development from the college, began living in an apartment community that "offers an independent living environment for women poised to transition into an autonomous lifestyle," her court petition states. There, residents receive random toxicology screenings, weekly home checks and weekly sessions with a case manager—who says the actress has consistently tested negative for illicit substances, according to the documents.

While her mother manages her personal affairs, Bynes' financial assets were years ago put in a trust for her lifetime benefit, which is managed by her dad, Rick. In her petition, the star requested an account of her trust assets for her lawyer should her conservatorship be terminated.

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All that awaits now to end the conservatorship is formal legal approval from her conservator, her mom, to be submitted to court. A hearing has been set for March 22.

"Lynn is so incredibly proud of the progress Amanda has made over the last few years and is so excited about the next chapter in Amanda's life," Lynn's attorney Tamar Arminak told E! News last week. "Based on the petition, and Amanda's amazing progress, she completely supports Amanda's request to terminate the conservatorship."

Bynes' conservatorship, and the subject of conservatorships and guardianships in general, have drawn new attention over the past year in wake of Britney Spears' recent legal victory in terminating hers after 13 years. However, Bynes' lawyer told TMZ that the actress' bid to end her conservatorship began years ago and that the timing is coincidental.