Succession Recap: A Coup Attempt Is Foiled By One Unexpected Insider

During the season three finale of Succession, the Roy siblings banded together to try and take dad Logan down. Find out what went down here.

By Alyssa Ray Dec 13, 2021 4:00 AMTags
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"Do you want a deal with the devil?"

This is what Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) asked Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) as the season three finale of Succession neared its end. And, at the time, we thought Shiv's social-climbing husband was referring to the Roy siblings' (played by Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin) plan to oust patriarch Logan (Brian Cox), who was secretly preparing to sell Waystar RoyCo to straight-shooter tech billionaire Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård).

However, in the final moments of the episode, it was revealed that Tom had betrayed his wife and tipped Logan off to the Roy siblings' plan. Here's what went down...

When Kendall, Roman and Shiv learned that their father was attempting to sell off the family business, they rallied together and made a plan that worked for them all. "We push him out," Shiv told her brothers as they raced to stop the deal. "Say Ken chair. You or me, Rome, CEO. And the other one takes whatever they want."

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Confident that they could stop the deal and push their dad out of power, they began to make moves to secure the upper-hand, which included placing a call to Tom, who was told to be on standby to have ATN announce Logan's departure from the company. Following this call, Tom confided in Cousin Greg and asked him to be his number two on this next business adventure.

Greg's response to the proposition? "Well, what am I going to do with a soul anyways?"

No wonder Greg's grandpa gave all of his inheritance to Greenpeace.

Shortly after this, the Roy siblings confronted Logan in the Tuscan villa where he was overseeing the deal. Though Logan tried to assure his kids that this was the best option for the company, Kendall, Shiv and Roman refused to back down and reminded their father that he needed a super majority.

Not so fast, kids. Logan then had his assistant call Kendall, Shiv and Roman's mom, who announced that she and Logan had reworked their divorce agreement. Translation: The Roy siblings lost any power they previously had. This led to a heated conversation, which featured Logan saying "f--k off" on several occasions.

When Logan stormed out of the room, a shocked Shiv uttered, "Who the f--k told him? Who told him that we were coming?"

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Before long, Tom arrived and received a pat on the shoulder from a grateful looking Logan. Even though it appeared that Shiv realized Tom's deception, she didn't confront him. Instead, she informed her husband, "Mom f--ked us."

When Tom tried to comfort his wife, she looked ready to destroy him. And, boy, we hope she does.

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