Succession's Nicholas Braun Hilariously Shoots His Shot With Kim Kardashian—Again

One month after Nicholas Braun took to Instagram to see if Kim Kardashian would take a chance on the Succession star, he returned to the platform to let his fans know she hasn't responded.

By Elyse Dupre Mar 26, 2021 7:34 PMTags
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If Kim Kardashian is ever interested, Nicholas Braun is around.

The 32-year-old actor continued to shoot his shot with the 40-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in a video posted to Instagram on March 25. It all started in February after Nicholas heard about Kim filing for divorce from Kanye West and said the news was "bumming" him out.

"It hurts to think about how they're feeling, and how she's feeling," he said. "I mean, I'm wondering, at this point, like, where do they even go from here?"

Still, the Succession celebrity couldn't help but wonder if the KKW Beauty mogul would ever be interested in taking a chance on someone new.

"Like, would you be down to meet a new person—totally just, kind of, different guy?" he asked. "And one who could, you know, make you laugh a little bit or make you feel small because he's so tall. Or, just a guy who's…talking about her on the internet. Like, a guy who makes a video like this and he's just sort of, like, trying to find a way to just talk to her because he doesn't know anybody who knows her."

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Nicholas proceeded to imagine how the whole situation could play out. But after a month, he returned to the social platform to let his followers know he hasn't heard from Kim.

"OK, I had to make this video because I keep getting these messages in my inbox that are, like, about Kim Kardashian and, like, if she's reached out to me, and if she's said anything, and 'Are you going to go out with Kim Kardashian?'" he said. "I don't care. That's not the reason that I made that video. That video was about if a guy—not me—makes a video like that, would it get to her? And no other guys have made it, so I guess you guys think that's about me. Well, you're wrong….I didn't care if she responded. She didn't respond. She didn't say anything. Nothing. Nobody on her team or in her world said anything."

While Nicholas said he was "really surprised," he also suggested he understood. "But I get it because we're busy—both of us," he said. "I'm busy, and she's got SKIMS. And I've got to go to the bank tomorrow."


The Emmy nominee, who plays Cousin Greg on the HBO hit, then implored his followers to stop asking for updates. "Separately, does anyone know how to get fake followers and fake comments?" he asked. "I'm trying to get, like, a few million, like 10 million, more followers, like, tomorrow because I'm trying to get on somebody's radar."

While the videos appeared to be made all in good fun, some followers still seemed to keep their fingers crossed for a response from Kim. "Unfortunately, if a video with an oversized turtleneck doesn't get her attention then I'm not sure what will," one follower wrote in the comments section. And as one fan, quoting Kris Jenner, put it, "This is a case for the FBI."

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