Amber Rose Seems to Accuse Boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards of Cheating on Her With 12 Women

"I can't be the only one fighting for my family anymore," Amber Rose shared in a lengthy Instagram Story, seemingly accusing Alexander Edwards, who she declined to identify by name, of infidelity.

By Alyssa Morin Aug 19, 2021 12:04 AMTags

The Muva has spoken.

Amber Rose took to Instagram Stories to seemingly share an update on her longtime relationship with Alexander "AE" Edwards and accuse him of cheating on her with at least 12 women. The two share 22-month-old son Slash Alexander Edwards.

"I'm tired of getting cheated on and being embarrassed behind the scenes," the model began her message on Wednesday, Aug. 18. "All 12 of y'all bums (the ones that I know of there's probably more) can have him."

The 37-year-old star continued, "Y'all very much knew he was in a relationship with a baby and y'all decided to f--k him anyway. I saw all the texts and DM's. Y'all were well aware but y'all don't owe me any loyalty so it's whatever."

Although Amber didn't publicly name Alexander in her Instagram Story, it didn't take long for fans to connect the dots on who she was referring to.

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Additionally, Amber explained that she wouldn't publicly name the women she accused of being with Alexander "because I'm not in the business of ruining lives but y'all know who y'all are."

"I can't be the only one fighting for my family anymore," she added. "I've been so loyal and transparent but I haven't gotten the same energy in return...The lack of loyalty and the disrespect is ridiculous and I'm done."

The School Dance star also called out her mother in a separate post, writing, "My raging narcissistic mom can get the f--k out of my life too. On my kids."

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As the actress described, "I'm tired of being mentally and emotionally abused by people that I love."

"I've been suffering in silence for a long time and I can't take it anymore," she continued. "That's why I've been so quiet. I've been a shell of who I used to be but I refuse to let anyone damage me anymore. Family or not."

Furthermore, Amber completely wiped her Instagram and only kept a post from June 2020 on her main feed. However, the music executive does have Amber featured on his page, including a Mother's Day tribute that he shared in May 2021.

"I love you. I still look @ Slash & can't believe he's mine," Alexander wrote at the time. "Thank u 4 choosing me. Slash, Bash, & myself are forever blessed 2 have ur light in our life, & share this life with u." Happy mommy's day.


Since they first started dating in 2018, Amber didn't shy away from gushing over Alexander.

"In the past I've used the words 'best friend' very loosely while speaking of my ex's but I can honestly say I feel like this man really is my BEST FRIEND!" she previously wrote on Instagram in January 2019. "We talk for hours, he makes me a better person, he listens to me and understands me."

She added, "He also came into my life at a time where I've had enough of the narcissistic, cheating and abuse I've endured over the years from my previous relationships...he has talked me through everything while simultaneously loving me and working with me so I could overcome my fear of loving someone in the most healthiest way again."

Amber is also a mom to Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, 8, whom she shares with ex Wiz Khalifa.

At this time, Alexander has yet to publicly address Amber's cheating accusations. Amber and Alexander did not respond to E! News' requests for comment.