See Morgan Stewart Star in Husband Jordan McGraw's "SHE" Music Video

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 10, 2021 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Necessary Realness: Jordan McGraw Talks Inspo Behind "SHE"

"SHE" must really like this! 

E! News' personality Morgan Stewart is the inspiration behind husband Jordan McGraw's catchy new single "SHE," and the Daily Pop and Nightly Pop co-host even stars in the sweet music video, which premiered on July 8. 

Set on the real Wheel of Fortune stage, Jordan shows off his acting prowess playing multiple personas: a mustached cowboy contestant H.B., nerdy player Clarence and scene-stealing goth teen Sid, as well as the slick game show host who enters with Morgan on his arm. 

Morgan, who gave birth to daughter Row in Feb. 2021, showed off her hot body in a teal sequin mini dress. Fans on Youtube were quick to praise Morgan's "stunning" and "fabulous" physique. It's no wonder Morgan is the object of affection for Jordan's four onscreen alter-egos!

With a chorus of "She likes to talk in her sleep / She likes to fight in her sleep," the infectious track proves that concertgoers will be dancing in their seats while watching Jordan perform alongside the Jonas Brothers later this year. Jordan came up with "SHE" during the coronavirus quarantine and wrote the song about sleeping beside Morgan, who frequently speaks aloud while dreaming. 

Morgan Stewart's Daughter Row's Cutest Pics

Morgan is a frequent source of inspiration for Jordan's songs; his ballad "HER" was previously written to "woo" the Necessary Realness star. "During the process of recording the song, I was chasing my now-wife," Jordan revealed in April 2021. 

Jordan also guest-starred on Morgan's July 10 episode of Necessary Realness, where he teased that he had to "convince" Morgan to be in the "SHE" music video. "I was very happy to be in the video in theory to support him," Morgan admitted. "But I was not feeling postpartum ready to do music video hot...Video hot is a different category of hot."

And even though Morgan didn't star in the music video for "HER" featuring Jordan as an ice cream truck driver, the singer had another family member who hoped to make a cameo: his dad, Dr. Phil

"Wait why wasn't I asked to be in this one???" Dr. Phil commented on Youtube in June 2021. "I LOVE ice cream!"

Check out the adorable music video for "SHE" above, and watch the Necessary Realness clip for more on the music video shoot. 

(Originally published July 8, 2021 at 12:47 p.m. PT)