Angelina Jolie Files Request to Formally Cut Ties With Her and Brad Pitt’s Wine Venture

Angelina Jolie filed court papers that would enable her to sell her share of the French wine company she created with ex-husband Brad Pitt before they tied the knot.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jul 07, 2021 11:56 PMTags

Following Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's years-long custody battle, the former couple is now at odds over their shared winery. 

Jolie's attorneys are requesting that any Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROs) be lifted to allow Jolie to sell Nouvel, LLC, which she separately acquired before her marriage, per the July 6 court document obtained by E! News.

Her lawyer states that Jolie's Nouvel company and Pitt's Mondo Bongo LLC are equal shareholders in a Luxembourg company that has ownership interests in the Chateau Miraval estate in France, as well as a winery business under SNC Miraval Provence.

Per the Maleficent actress' attorney, "the parties' divorce altered the parties' ability to work together as business partners," so Jolie discussed the possibility of selling her interest to Pitt for two years, but those conversations have ended. The Oscar winners couldn't come to an "agreement" on the price of the buyout and non-compete and non-disparagement arrangements, per the filing.

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She then explored third party sales and has an offer on the table, according to her lawyer. He states the "sale opportunity" only "arose only after lengthy and unsuccessful negotiations by [Jolie] to extricate herself from being a disregarded business partner with her ex-husband." 

However, "the Buyer may pull out of the sale unless [Jolie] immediately signs an Exclusivity Agreement to sell Nouvel," for which she needs the restraining order lifted.

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Jolie's team argues, "Unless the ATROs are immediately lifted with respect to the proposed sale of [Jolie's] membership interest in Nouvel, LLC... the third-party buyer will not be bound to go forward with the sale and [Jolie] will be at [Pitt's] mercy to control the terms of any disposition of her separate property until such time as this matter comes to trial on the remaining financial issues."

Chateau Miraval seems to have both financial and sentimental value for the pair, seeing as they married at its 1,000-acre vineyard estate in 2014. She filed to divorce him in 2016 and, in May 2021, Pitt received joint custody of their children.

Jolie, who recently turned heads after dining with The Weeknd, has already attempted to resolve the sale of her wine company in court.

On June 30, she filed an ex parte application to have the ATROs lifted, but it was denied "for lack of showing of immediate danger/irreparable harm or immediate loss/damage to property." Her lawyer says it's urgent because she needs to sign the Exclusivity Agreement, promising not to "shop the deal" elsewhere.

E! News has reached out to their reps for comment and has not heard back.