Celebrate Morgan Stewart's Birthday With the Cutest Pics of Her Baby Girl Row

By Samantha Bergeson May 22, 2021 1:00 PMTags
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So many reasons to celebrate.

E! News personality Morgan Stewart in celebrating her first birthday as a wife and mother today, May 22. The Daily Pop co-host welcomed daughter Row on February 16 after tying the knot with longtime love Jordan McGraw. The last year as been a whirlwind for Stewart—from moving into a new home to starting a family, Stewart certainly has a lot to celebrate on her big day. 

"2019 ate me up and spit me out. So 2020, the universe was like, 'We're going to be nice to you,'" Stewart previously told E! News. "I'm knocking on all the wood in the house." Her sweet husband even dedicated a love song to her! Talk about goals. 

Stewart can cheers to her 33rd year knowing she has a supportive family by her side, and a three-month-old growing bundle of joy. "It's really been the best thing I've ever done. I hate to sound so cliché," Stewart gushed about motherhood. "The love grows every single day more and more to a place where that's what everyone says."

Morgan Stewart's First Days of Motherhood

In honor of Stewart's birthday, let's take a look back on baby Row's most adorable pics so far. 

Hello, 2022

Morgan and Row are laughing their way into the New Year.

Nature Adventures

Morgan shared this scenic shot as part of a "film dump" at the beginning of Jan. 2022.

Baby's Best Friend

Dinger and Row: BFFs.

The Merriest of Christmases

Mom and daughter's first Christmas together!

All Dressed Up

Look at that resemblance! Morgan shared the adorable photo along with a few other holiday snapshots on Dec. 25.

No Ugly Christmas Sweaters Here

Dad made sure to join in on the holiday photo fun, too. 

Adventures in New York

Morgan and Row paid a visit to the big apple in September, writing on Instagram, "Gonna go be New York girls for a little bit."

Working Women

As Morgan put it, "Row McGraw got down to business today." 

Big Sister Status

After Morgan announced she's expecting baby No. 2 in September 2021, the E! host shared that baby Row is "excited to be a big sister."

Mellow Yellow

"She's mellow today," Morgan captioned an adorable Instagram Story video as Row plays with a ball and gazes into the camera in Aug. 2021. 

"Angel" Play Time

Morgan shared an adorable pic of daughter Row on July 25. "Baby angel," the E! News personality captioned as Row looked straight into the camera while balancing on dad Jordan's chest.

Picture Perfect

It really is Instagram vs. reality when it comes to baby Row! After sharing this sweet pic, Morgan wrote, "She threw up allll over her dress two seconds later…."

Friends Forever

Even little Row loves Friends! Morgan shared a sweet pic of husband Jordan holding up their daughter Row to watch the classic sitcom in June 2021. "Huge Friends fan," Morgan added. 

Daddy's Girl

It's clear Row is already a daddy's girl! "The two best friends anybody could have!!" Morgan wrote on Father's Day 2021. "Row adores you and I have fully accepted I'm not apart of your special club. It's fine. Watching the two of you is plenty good enough for me. We love you, daddy!!!!" 

Mini Me

"Just me and my mini Jordan McGraw," Morgan captioned an adorable pic in June 2021.

Homeward Bound

Dad Jordan holds daughter Row on a private jet. "Home time," Morgan captioned in June 2021.

Proud Parents

Morgan and Jordan gaze at their "favorite girl" Row in June 2021.

First Mother's Day

"Happy mamas day!!!!!!" Morgan wrote on May 9, 2021.

DILF Alert

New dad Jordan McGraw cradles daughter Row, and let's just say Morgan finds her man even hotter as a father. "Like forget ittt," she jokingly captioned.

Heaven is A Place On Earth

"Just literal heaven," Morgan captioned a pic of her holding newborn Row. Seems like this mama is head over heels for her little girl!

Too Cute

Morgan gazed up in wonder at newborn daughter Row in a touching Instagram post. 

Baby On the Go

"Row is getting acquainted with her city," Morgan captioned a family outing with dad Jordan McGraw.

Mother-Daughter Bond

"Morgan Renggli X Row Renggli."

Family Getaway

"2 months with my babe and 11 months without Botox," Morgan shared during a desert vacation.

Pretty in Pink

Mama Morgan took a cute selfie with daughter Row who was wearing a striped onesie. "My little pink lady," Morgan captioned.

Father-Daughter Time

Proud dad Jordan McGraw cradles baby Row on his stomach in an adorable moment captioned by Morgan. "Dada," she wrote on the Instagram Story.

Cozied Up

Morgan enjoys a candid, cozy moment with her little one.

Influencer Status

Morgan marked a big moment in baby Row's life: her first mirror selfie! 

Baby Bliss

New father Jordan McGraw holds his daughter Row in the hospital room. 

Holding Hands Forever

Morgan and newborn Row hold hands for the first time together in a touching moment.

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