See Lindsay Hubbard End Her Relationship With Boyfriend Stephen in New Summer House Preview

In this exclusive clip from Thursday, March 18's all-new Summer House, Lindsay Hubbard has a candid conversation with Stephen about the "really bad cycle" they're in.

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Officially over.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday, March 18's all-new Summer House, Lindsay Hubbard comes to a decision about her relationship with Stephen (AKA Stravy). As fans of the show will recall, Lindsay and Stephen broke up after a disastrous dinner date on Lindsay's birthday.

After departing from the summer house, Stephen made attempts to win Lindsay back. Yet, as the new footage reveals, it was to no avail.

"What's going on?" Stephen asks Lindsay over the phone.

"Well, I just haven't talked to you in a while," the PR expert responds before adding, "so, I figured I'd give you a call."

As the awkward chat continues, Stephen reveals he hasn't reached out to Lindsay in order to give her "some time." Unfortunately, the space hasn't done wonders for their relationship.

"I mean, I've had a lot of time to think and I feel like, you know, every single day I go back and forth with what I want and how I want to handle this and what I want to do and what's best for the both of us," she shares. "I think I'm at a point in time where I feel like we just go our separate ways."

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While explaining her decision, Lindsay notes how she and Stephen have "been so disconnected" and "stuck in this really bad cycle." Of course, this news doesn't sit well with Stephen, who wrote a PowerPoint to win back Lindsay.

"I mean, I'm upset," he states. "I felt like I was making an effort and it wasn't going noticed."

Jeff Tan/Bravo

Although Lindsay acknowledges the effort Stephen made, she doubles down on her decision. She expresses, "I know you've been trying but I just don't necessarily see like, anything changing in the next, you know, near future. So, I feel like out of respect for both of us and our time it's sort of just the right move to make right now."

Although Stephen is "really disappointed" by this, he notes that they at least had "some good memories and good times." In agreement, Lindsay says they "taught each other a lot."

Stephen signs off, "Wish you nothing but the best."

After an eye roll, Lindsay adds, "Ok. Well, same to you."

In a confessional, the Summer House star defends that she spent the last year "emotionally giving myself" to someone "who did not emotionally show up to the relationship."

She concludes, "I'm exhausted. I just want that off my shoulders."

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Catch the dramatic conversation in the exclusive clip above.

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