Summer House's Carl Radke Gives Update on His Sobriety Journey

In this exclusive look at Carl Radke's On The List with Brett Gursky interview, the Summer House star revealed he is over one month sober.

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Carl Radke is over a month sober.

For an all-new episode of On The List with Brett Gursky, the Summer House star gave an update on his sobriety after drinking in moderation while filming season five of the Bravo hit. In the interview, which E! News got an exclusive first look at, Radke credited Summer House for helping him get sober.

"Obviously, if you've watched the show you've seen some of my patterns of behavior. And it's stuff that I was doing outside of the show," he relayed on the podcast. "I mean, I think the show actually probably saved me in a lot of ways. My personal life outside the show, I was partying and just not taking care of myself. And I think when you watch numerous episodes and you have your close friends like Lindsay and other people and they're like 'Hey, are you OK? Are you alright?' And I had a lot of that last 2019 fall."

Per the Bravo personality, he was "in a dark place" at the time. In fact, he even attended a Tony Robbins seminar as he was "just looking for something."

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"And from that, made some amends with my dad and started doing therapy and was planning to talk to my brother," Radke continued. "I was taking better care of myself and I felt like the alcohol piece was something I needed to have a better conversation about. So, I took 4 months off from drinking, I went into the summer, I tried moderation."

However, as Radke recalled, "being in the house with everybody obviously is challenging." Thus, Radke found himself drinking "a little bit." Regardless, he said he's proud of how he handled himself this season.

As for where he stands now in his sobriety, he revealed, "Most recently, I've been sober 34 days now, which is good. I'm going to continue to do that." Radke went on to call the pandemic "very triggering," which is why he's resolved to stay sober.

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"There's a lot of anxiety and stress, just for me right now, I need to be sober," he explained. "And I'm feeling great about it. But you'll see a more balanced normal Carl, which all my friends normally see during the day, but not necessarily on the program."

Co-star Lindsay Hubbard, who joined Radke for the podcast interview, declared that she was "so proud of Carl." She commented, "It can't be easy being in this environment when everyone else is drinking, but trying to employ some moderation in your alcohol intake and he was able to do that while everyone else around him is like, 'Ah!'"

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The Summer House star promised that viewers will get to see a different side to Carl over the course of season five. She added, "They've never truly seen what we as his best friends love and adore and appreciate, which is his beautiful, genuine, fantastic soul and…I'm personally excited for viewers to see who we all see to his core of this beautiful person. You know, because it was like covered up by just like, drunken alcoholic fights and now that that's eliminated in this season for him, viewers will be able to look inside to this Carl that we all love."

Radke also revealed that he thrives best with a daily routine and, thus, meditation has become an excellent tool for him. He noted, "I've thrived in environments with structure and routines and I've lost that a little bit over the last few years. And meditation—one of our producers actually, Wes, he had actually told me about it."

Apparently, while driving to the Hamptons to film season four, Wes introduced the reality TV star to meditation, which led him to downloading the Calm app. He concluded, "I use it pretty much every day now. For me, I have anger problems, I get pissed off very quickly, so it's a help."

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