Summer House's Hannah Berner Shares All the Details on Her Wedding Dress & "Untraditional" Plans

The newly engaged Bravo star shares exclusive scoop about her unconventional wedding plans, the guest list and how she found the perfect gown.

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Watch: "Summer House" Star Hannah Berner Is Engaged

Hannah Berner is in full wedding-planning mode.

The newly engaged Summer House star and her fiancé Des Bishop are spilling all the details on their upcoming August nuptials in New York, which will be anything but conventional.

"I think we're going to go pretty untraditional where I'm not going to have bridesmaids," Berner told E! News exclusively. "I don't think I'm even going to have a bachelorette party unless Porsha [Williams] wants to throw it. And I don't think I'm going to have a bridal shower. I don't even know what bridal showers are for. And I just want it to be a fun party rather than too much tradition because I've been trying to take down the patriarchy my whole life."

Believe it or not, the Bravo's Chat Room co-host, who got engaged on Feb. 14, actually already has her wedding dress and it was the very first one she tried on.

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"It's so funny because I went to Fantasia Bridal in Long Island and it was just supposed to be researching and fun with my mom and my nana because I didn't even know how I was going to look in wedding dresses. I've never thought of these things with shape, mermaid, I don't even know what a mermaid was," she explained. "But then we went in and picked like eight dress and the first one I tried on I looked at my mom and I was like, ‘I love this one." And we tried the other ones on and I just go, ‘It's the first one.' It's how I am in life. Like I know when I like something and I felt the same way with this. When you know, you know. I don't need to wait 10 years to try it out."


"I'm just like Hannah's wedding dress," Bishop joked. "I was not the first one that she tried on though!"

"It was comfortable, I like the fit and I think Des is going to love it," Berner added of her dress. "It shows my booty which is really important to me and is also comfortable and I always love kind of a crop top. It's not a crop top but it elongates my legs and it has nice details and stuff."

Berner said Bravo co-star Paige DeSorbo "actually gave the OK" as did Chat Room co-hosts Porsha Williams and Gizelle Bryant. "They all said that they approved of the dress. I hope they weren't lying to me just because it was already bought but I think they really liked it," she laughed.

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When asked if all of her Summer House co-stars will be invited to the wedding, Berner shared, "Possibly. I'm not sure kinda where we'll be and the wedding at first was just family but now we're thinking of possibly expanding it."

Bishop added, "We were keeping the guest list pretty tight early on but it's just very hard to say no to people so once we expand out the guest list the assumption is they will be on there."

As for plans post-wedding, both Berner and Bishop hope to focus on work and their individual comedy tours before thinking about starting a family. "Babies aren't on top of mind. I'm still taking my birth control," Berner cracked.

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