Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Why She Felt "Sick to My Stomach" About the Release of Her Latest Movie

Candace Cameron Bure has a long track record of success with films for the Hallmark Channel, but she still worries she'll "slide off that pedestal."

By Ryan Gajewski Mar 12, 2021 7:52 AMTags
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Candace Cameron Bure knows that maintaining her title as the "Queen of Christmas" is no small task.

The 44-year-old Fuller House actress—who has appeared in 26 different Hallmark Channel movies over the years, including many holiday-themed films—was a recent guest on podcast The Call to Mastery. During the episode, she told host Jordan Raynor she has experienced intense anxiety due to fears that her movies might not continue the high level of viewership and excitement to which she's become accustomed. 

Jordan asked Candace, who is also an accomplished children's book author, whether she worries that her books will sell well. She replied that she doesn't stress too much over her writing career because she sees it as a side gig.

"But on the flip side, I worry all the time about my movies," she shared. "I actually got sick to my stomach on this last Christmas movie that aired in November because I've created an anxiety for myself. Because my movies have been the top-performing movie seven years in a row, and you know one day, you're going to slide off that pedestal."

Breaking Down Hallmark's Roster of Leading Ladies

Candace has starred in nine Christmas flicks for Hallmark, with her most recent being 2020's If I Only Had Christmas. She has also played the lead in over a dozen Hallmark films in which she portrays crime-solving librarian Aurora Teagarden.

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"And so every year, it kind of makes me sicker and sicker every time I have a movie to come out because I'm like, Is this going to be the year? Is this it?" Candace revealed. "And I had to have a come-to-Jesus moment with myself in 2020 because I thought, Why are you doing this? Meaning, why are you making the movies? I had to bring it back to my why—my why that I set 12 years ago, coming back to the industry."

Ultimately, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant has decided she shoots the films because she loves acting and the connections she makes, regardless of the ratings. Thankfully, this helped her feel better in the past year.

"I had to remind myself of my why and then let it go and just say, You know what, it doesn't matter what those ratings are," she added.

In a different podcast interview last month, Candace discussed the fact that making the movies might be more challenging than some people realize

Luckily, now that the star has figured out how to focus less on the numbers, she can keep making these delightful films, and the rest of us can keep watching them.