Candace Cameron Bure Fires Back at Claims It's Easy to Star in a Hallmark Movie

Candace Cameron Bure, who has appeared in a long list of Hallmark Channel films, said she's tired of people assuming that the projects don't require much acting talent.

By Ryan Gajewski Feb 04, 2021 6:03 AMTags

Candace Cameron Bure is reminding her fans that not everything is as easy as it might look.

The 44-year-old Fuller House star was a guest on the inaugural episode of The Paula Faris Podcast on Tuesday, Feb. 2, where the pair of former The View co-hosts discussed the fact that Candace has appeared in a whopping 26 made-for-TV movies for the Hallmark Channel. This includes nine Christmas-themed flicks, along with over a dozen films in which she portrays crime-solving librarian Aurora Teagarden

When host Paula Faris expressed that it would be a dream of hers to appear in a Hallmark movie, Candace said she would definitely be able to get her a non-speaking role. Paula pointed out that she has some acting experience, and then she asked about appearing in these films, "I mean, really, how hard is it? Don't you get that all the time?"

Candace seemed surprised by the line of questioning, and although Paula made it clear she was kidding, this gave the actress a chance to vent for a moment.

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"Can we just talk about this for a second?" the Dancing With the Stars alum asked. "I get that all the time. 'How hard is it to be in a Hallmark movie?' Like, 'Can I be in a Hallmark movie?' And I'm like, 'Are you a professional actor?' 'No.' 'Then no, you cannot.'"

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She enjoyed a laugh before telling Paula, "You can be a background person, they're called extras. If you don't have a speaking part, that's easy. I can make that happen. If you have a speaking part, then we're gonna have to make sure you can do the job." 

In other words, let's have Candace stick to making the films, and the rest of us can stick to watching them.