Josh Hartnett Confirms He and Tamsin Egerton Welcomed Baby No. 3

In a new interview, Josh Hartnett revealed he's a "father of three" after welcoming a third baby with longtime love Tamsin Egerton in late 2019.

By Jess Cohen Jan 21, 2021 12:48 PMTags
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Josh Hartnett is a father of three.

The Pearl Harbor alum confirmed the news in a new interview with Mr. Porter, which notes that he and longtime love Tamsin Egerton welcomed a third child in late 2019. The private couple, who met on the set of The Lovers, officially became parents in 2015 when their first child, a daughter, was born. Two years later, the duo then welcomed their second child together.

In his interview with Mr. Porter, Hartnett explains that while there are certain projects he's proud of in his career, the thing he's "most proud of" in his life is his family. "The thing I am most proud of is that I'm a father of three and I have a good relationship with my partner and a great family life," he tells the outlet, "and I'm still able to do good work and, as I've got older, the characters have become more interesting."

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Hartnett, who became a household name in the late '90s and early 2000s, took a step back from the spotlight over the years to focus on his personal life, even turning down an offer to play Superman

Looking back on that time, Hartnett has no regrets. "At the time, it was so obvious to me to turn it down," he shares. "I was being offered movies by the very top directors. And Superman was a risk. Yes, there was a lot of money involved, but I didn't think that was the be-all and end-all."


"It's become increasingly clear to me that money only takes you so far," he adds. "I've seen a lot of people drown in their money."

Making those career choices offered the 42-year-old star a path to happiness. "I don't know what the possibilities of my life could have been had I chosen different routes, but I will say that in giving in to the allure of Hollywood entirely, I know that I would not have a happy life," Hartnett tells the outlet. "I feel very strongly about that."