20 Random 2020 TV Moments We Can't Stop Thinking About

From Selling Sunset to The Flight Attendant, TV kept us safe and sane this year. Here, a look back at all the teeny-tiny moments we'll never get over.

By Jonathan Borge Dec 31, 2020 8:00 PMTags
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Congratulations! After almost 365 days of avoiding every single brick thrown our way during 2020, we almost made it to 2021, a year that (hopefully) promises radical change and a stop to the cancelation of beloved TV shows.

Like you, we spent a bulk of the year in front of a screen, Googling whether we'd get it from a takeout container and just how effective our masks were. But largely, we binged one TV show after the next, basking in the low-brow ridiculousness of Tiger King and trying not to have a meltdown over the too-real scenarios explored in I May Destroy You.

Next year's award shows will do an excellent job of praising the top-notch series we fell in love with and continued to re-watch, however, we're here to explore something a bit different: random TV moments we can't get out of our head. From Selling Sunset's Adnan Sen (you know, the scary guy with the $75 million listing) to all the times The Bachelorette's Brendain Morais wore turtlenecks in the middle of the desert, there were events we just couldn't stop discussing—and might never get over. 

Every 2020 TV Moment You Forgot About

While we've named our favorite 2020 TV shows and selected headline-making moments you'll want to revisit, scroll down for the odd and too-good-to-ignore happenings that made 2020, well, 2020.

AJ and the Queen.

We had high hopes, RuPaul. But… this was tough to watch. 

Love Is Blind predicting our fate.

Remember the dramatic way Giannina pronounced Damian? And the fact that Jessica let her dog lick her wine glass? More ridiculous is that not long after Love Is Blind's premiere, we found ourselves doing exactly what the contestants did all season long: social distancing.

Joe Exotic's husbands.

And the pink shirts they both wore to marry him.

All of Chloe Fineman’s Saturday Night Live impersonations.

From Carole Baskin to Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore to Timothée Chalamet, she nailed it.


Judith Light’s involvement in a throuple.

Well, Dede Standish's involvement, that is. The 71-year-old nailed her performance as a seasoned New York senator in season two of The Politician. And to watch her character unabashedly romp around with two men was *chef's kiss.*


Selling Sunset’s Adnan Sen.

Where did Adnan come from? Why is he so scary? And what will happen to Davina if she doesn't sell the $75 million home? SOS!

Unorthodox’s Amit Rahav proving to be a total hottie.

This Netflix miniseries was intense AF, and Shira Haas brilliantly portrayed a Hasidic Jewish woman fleeing her Brooklyn community. But as the show got more popular, we realized that out of character, Amit Rahav is very easy on the eyes. Let his Instagram feed serve as evidence.

Connell’s Normal People chain.

It has its own Instagram account, by the way.

Deva and Toure’s terrible Dating Around meeting.

First of all, this show is incredible. Second of all, Deva is a gem. During season two, she met Toure, a man who is polyamorous and likes to date women who accept his polygamy, even though he doesn't allow said women to sleep with other men. "You don't think that that's sexist?" she asked him, immediately choosing to never see him again. Awkward. 

Indian Matchmaking’s Aparna and her resistance to every. single. match.

Someone please green-light her own reality show. 

The death of Quibi.

Did anyone actually watch?

Netflix’s deranged pronunciation of Emily in Paris.

Honestly, we're still not even sure how to properly say it. Reference the tweet and give it a go.

The fly on Mike Pence’s head.

Nice job, fly.

Brendan Morais’ turtlenecks.

The Bachelorette contestant is unquestionably well dressed. But turtlenecks in the Palm Springs desert? Hm.

The wallpaper in The Queen’s Gambit.

It was everywhere! From Beth Harmon's abode to the hotel rooms she stayed in, the interior design of this show made us wish for a home makeover. 

This Big Brother romance.

Both Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett were both responsible for delivering some very uncomfortable-to-watch microaggressions towards Black contestants like Da'Vonne Rogers during season 22. That they ended up dating after their time in the house is just 2020 in a nutshell. 


“It smelled like hospital.”

Mary Cosby's weird aversion to hospital smell is part of why we're hooked on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. That and the fact that she's married to her step-grandfather. Perfect for TV.

Selena's wigs.

Selena Quintanilla fans were pumped to see Christian Serratos' portrayal of the late Tejano singer in Netflix's two-part series. But those wigs? As Alyssa Morin suggested in this review, those were a choice. 


Michiel Huisman’s pure sexiness.

Get yourself a man who looks good covered in blood because that's exactly what happened on The Flight Attendant.


How awful Harper was in Happiest Season.

Though it's technically a movie, Mackenzie Davis' character in this Hulu holiday film is one we can't get out of our heads. Harper treated her girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart) miserably, asking her to pretend to be a roommate in front of her parents while repeatedly ignoring her throughout her coming out journey. The movie was a major win for LGBTQ+ representation, but oof, Harper sucked.


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