Charmed's Holly Marie Combs Slams Sarah Jeffery for "Derogatory" Remarks About Her “Character”

Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs clapped back at 24-year-old actress Sarah Jeffery for "derogatory accusations" made against her on Monday.

By Lindsay Weinberg Oct 13, 2020 10:56 PMTags

More drama is brewing within the Charmed family.

Original Charmed star Holly Marie Combs is fighting back after actress Sarah Jeffery made some "derogatory accusations" against her this week. 

It started on Monday, Oct. 12, when Jeffery called out both Combs and her Charmed co-star Rose McGowan for criticizing the witchy reboot. 

"I would be embarrassed to behave this way," said Jeffery, who has appeared as Maggie Vera on the CW reboot since 2018. She added that McGowan and Combs should "find happiness elsewhere and not in the form of putting down other WOC." 

Combs, who was in the original series from 1998 to 2006, penned a heated message back to Jeffery on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Combs wrote on Twitter, "That's some bulls--t. And a lot of it. Clearly. People speaking, excuse me typing, derogatory accusations of a person's character despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary because of a difference in opinions about a tv show is just plain wrong."

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She ended the message with, "And also personal gain honey."

The feud began when Jeffery responded to a video that showed McGowan saying the new series "sucks." 

Jeffery explained, "I refrained from saying anything. I thought, better to just let them shout into the abyss. But I do want to say, I find it sad and quite frankly pathetic to see grown women behaving this way." 

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Combs and McGowan have long been fierce opponents of the reboot of their fantasy show, which is about three sisters called The Charmed Ones.

Combs believes the rehashing is "capitalizing" on their hard work from the '90s. "Charmed belongs to the 4 of us, our vast amount of writers, crews and predominantly the fans. FYI you will not fool them by owning a title/stamp. So bye," the 46-year-old actress has said. 

As early as 2013, McGowan was already calling the reboot "lame," adding, "They really are running out of ideas in Hollywood."

Evidently O.G. actress Shannen Doherty hasn't caused any beef, as Jeffery indulged fans in a little story time.

"In other news, my dad met the lovely @DohertyShannen on set once whilst standing in," Jeffery wrote on Twitter. "He approached her saying his daughter was a new Charmed one (pre-covid!). He told me she was so kind, thrilled for us, and excited to take a picture. She sent her love." 

Charmed was renewed for a third season in January. It also co-stars Madeleine Mantock and Melonie Diaz.