Mayim Bialik and Jonathan Cohen Prove to Be an Unstoppable Team on Celebrity Game Face

By Alyssa Ray Sep 25, 2020 7:00 PMTags
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Hollywood's best game night.

During Thursday, Sept. 24's episode of Celebrity Game Face, executive producer and host Kevin Hart guided three teams of celebrity pairs—including Rob Riggle and Darren Leader, Mayim Bialik and Jonathan Cohen and Shanola Hampton and Daren Dukes—through a hilarious and action-packed game night.

Not only did the celebrity duos compete for what Kevin called, "television greatness," but they also were playing to win money for their charity of choice. Oh, and we can't forget to mention the Hart of a Champion trophy.

"Watch your favorite celeb teams go head-to-head in the ultimate battle," Kevin shared at the start of the episode. "More outrageous challenges designed to test their mind, body and soul."

And, in typical Celebrity Game Face fashion, the night was filled with LOL-worthy moments. In fact, during the all-new episode, we watched contestants stuff their faces, make hilarious calls and so much more.

Check out all of the funniest Celebrity Game Face moments below!

5 of the Most Hilarious Celebrity Game Face Moments

1. Marshmallow Madness

Mayim and Jonathan proved they were the team to beat during a competitive round of Chubby Bunny.

The rules? Each team had to have one contestant read off a list while marshmallows were stuffed in their mouths. Their teammate then had to repeat what they were saying.

While it may sound easy, it was harder than it looks. Both Rob and Daren did their best at reading their lists but, by the end, their teammates were perplexed.

Mayim and Jonathan shockingly nailed this activity, getting all five things on their list.

Mayim said in encouragement, "You're doing great, babe!"

The twosome's theme was reality TV and their list included Project Runway, RuPaul's Drag Race, The Great British Bake Off (although, this one was tricky for Jonathan as he almost spit up the marshmallows due to laughter), The Masked Singer and America's Next Top Model.

"That's my man," The Big Bang Theory actress gleefully declared after winning the round.

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2. Throwing Shade

For a round of "Hit 'Em Up," Shanola and Daren called the latter's mom, Myra. Little to Myra's knowledge, the couple rang her so she'd say mystery words selected by another team.

The first word: virgin.

"What you tell Kim you was before you got married," Daren skillfully asked his mother.

Myra responded, "A virgin."

While trying not to give away the game, Shanola jokingly asked her mother-in-law if she was "really a virgin" before her wedding.

Shanola further added, "Mama, I was a virgin too."

Myra had some loving shade to throw at Shanola as she quipped: "No, you weren't."

A stunned Shanola exclaimed, "Don't say no I wasn't!"

Thankfully, they were able to change the subject and successfully got Myra to also say colonoscopy.


3. A Not So Helpful Hand

You'll never look at burritos the same way.

While playing "Helping Hands," the celebrity pairs were instructed to have one teammate use tiny hands to build a burrito and then feed the concoction to their teammate. To make matters worse, each duo was zipped up into one hoodie.

The race was a tight one, with Rob and Darren and Mayim and Jonathan tied for most of the round.

"Look at Mayim!" Kevin said through laughter. "Jonathan is gonna kill Mayim."

However, Rob and Darren powered through the round and won three points. Mayim and Jonathan came in second place, winning two points.

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4. A Wild Race

We were once more in stitches thanks to the final round, "Show Me Your Junk." This challenge was a scavenger hunt activity that had all three teams scurrying throughout their homes.

Why? To find items teased by Kevin's riddles.

For the first part, Kevin had the pairs hunt down a "wooden or wired" item that you hang clothes on.

As the pairs dashed off to find hangers, Mayim declared, "I'm gettin' it! I'm gettin' it!"

Her dedication paid off as she returned first with a clothes hanger.

"I think I peed my pants," a happy Mayim shouted. "I got so excited."

For the second half of the round, the teams were tasked with locating an egg. Once more, Mayim came back first, earning her team an additional 25 points.


5. The Award Ceremony

Congratulations, Mayim and Jonathan.

The pair's competitive nature certainly paid off as they were crowned the winners of Celebrity Game Face.

Although each duo ended up being able to donate to their charities, only Mayim and Jonathan got sent the Hart of a Champion trophy. And, like in previous episodes, the unboxing was a memorable moment.

For those unfamiliar with the award, the Hart of a Champion trophy is a giant, gold baby that looks like Kevin Hart.

We promise, you won't be able to unsee this.