Watch: Terry Bradshaw Puts His Lip-Reading Skills to the Test

Just when you think Celebrity Game Face can't get any funnier, it does. 

Thursday, Sept. 17's episode of the Kevin Hart-hosted E! special featured celebrity pairs Terry Bradshaw and daughter Rachel Bradshaw, Raven-Symoné and wife Miranda Maday and Jamie Chung and husband Bryan Greenberg

Kevin and his wife Eniko Hart led the stars in a series of hilarious games—or as the comedian himself put it, "outrageous challenges designed to test their mind, body and soul"—promising the winning team money for the charity of their choice, as well as the giant, gold baby that serves as the Hart of a Champion trophy. 

"Without it, what are we?" Kevin said of the infant-shaped prize that looks like him. 

"Nothing," Raven responded very prophetically.

While those two went back and forth throughout the entire episode, Jamie and Bryan appeared to stay focused on winning. 

Then there was The Bradshaw Bunch's Terry and Rachel.

Despite the NFL legend obviously having a competitive streak, all he really wanted was to find flattering light for his camera set-up. 

That, and a "senior division" for the show: "We gotta hurry up here! I gotta take medicine."

Find out what else you missed by checking out all of the funniest Celebrity Game Face moments below!

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Fake Facts & Real Fears

As part of the game "Big Facts," in which each team reads a statement about themselves (a preferably non-illegal one, Kevin insisted) and the other teams have to guess if it's fact or fiction, Raven managed to stump her competitors big time.

"I have never popped a pimple in my life," she announced.

Surely no one would fall for that, right?

"Well maybe she's never had a pimple!" Terry chimed in, while Jamie theorized, "She probably pays someone else to do it for her!"

The statement turned out to be fiction, but when it came time for Terry to have a go at the game, he ultimately revealed that his statement about having a fear of parasailing is actually true!

Apparently, when Rachel (and Terry's other daughter, Erin) were little, the family tried out parasailing only to wind up in a scary situation. 

"We're 300 feet in the air and the cord is unraveling...and we're floating in the air!" Terry recalled. "We crash into the ocean. I get caught in the kite. It's a scary thought people!"



One minute Kevin was admiring Raven and Miranda's accent chair, and the next, said chair was flying across the room.

The chaotic moment can be traced back to the "Booty Shake" challenge that Raven was about to start until Kevin chimed in with the compliment. Not thinking of the potential consequences, Raven grasped the chair to seemingly steady herself while dancing. 

"I'm gonna say no holding on to the chair..." Kevin said. And there went the chair.

"Technical! Technical!" Terry declared while everyone else yelled in response. 

Raven wound up winning the challenge without the chair, but for Kevin, this was a teachable moment.

"As you can see babe, the tension is getting high," he told Eniko. "And that's what happens. You gotta remember what they're competing for. This is all for the Hart of a Champion trophy. So, guys, I understand why temperatures are flaring. I understand why chairs are getting thrown. Nobody doesn't wanna not have that trophy. It's a trophy that people need! I get it!"

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Pie Problems

The game that required teams to eat an entire pie (that Kevin claimed he made himself), all while using tiny doll hands, was doomed from the very beginning.

For starters, as Bryan announced, "Can I just point out that Terry already ate a slice?"

Then, Raven sparked what turned into an ongoing debate by commenting on the pie's appearance: "It looks dry."

Other references to the pie—some of which were made as she tried to eat as much as possible before the time ran out—included "It's called Crisco! Use some next time Kevin!" and "I like a buttery crust!"

Meanwhile, Terry nearly choked on a cherry stem. 

Luckily everyone came out of the game unharmed. 


Technical Issues for Terry

Unfortunately for the sports commentator, he never seemed to find the lighting he desired—even after trying the most creative camera positions.

"That's alright," Kevin told him. "When you get older, you just put your face close to the camera."

At one point, Terry asked if he could "Photoshop" his "lens," and sadly, none of his fellow competitors were able to offer any useful solutions.

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The Awards Ceremony

And the Hart of a Champion trophy goes to...Jamie and Bryan!

While the couple actually loved the trophy, a single glance at the baby-shaped award prompted Terry to announce, "I am so glad we lost." 

"I bet if you left that on your front porch, it'd be there 50 years from now," he added. 


Congratulations Jamie and Bryan!

Watch the full Celebrity Game Face episode here.