Jenny Slate Accidentally Invited a Total Stranger to Her Postponed Wedding

Jenny Slate and Ben Shattuck have postponed their wedding amid the global coronavirus pandemic. The actress confirmed the news to Jimmy Fallon and shared how she accidentally invited a stranger.

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Like many couples, Jenny Slate and Ben Shattuck have postponed their wedding amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

The 38-year-old actress confirmed the news on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show

"We postponed the wedding, which is, like, not anything I ever saw coming," the Gifted star told Jimmy Fallon. "Once you get engaged, I mean, I was like, 'OK, and soon I'll get married.' But actually, what happened was a pandemic happened."

The bride said she and her groom were scheduled to tie the knot on the Solstice in June. She did not reveal their new wedding date.

In addition to sharing the update, Slate shared a hilarious story of a wedding guest gaffe. When the celebrity emailed out her invites, she accidentally sent one to a total stranger instead of a friend.

"I sent the email, and then I didn't hear back from friend. I was like, 'Hey, can you guys come to the wedding?' And she was like, 'Oh, we just thought maybe it was small and we weren't invited. I was like, 'No, you're invited. Oh gosh, you know, check your spam.' And then she was like, 'Not in the spam.' And when I looked back, I had messed up the name on the email by one letter," she said.

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Slate said the digital invitation featured the stars' names, a photo of the couple and even their address.

"I'm not trying to assume that this lady is a fan or knows who I am, but if she does, she knows where I live and that we were going to get married at our house and blah blah blah," the celeb added. "And then we sent a thing saying 'Sorry, everybody! We're not getting married.' But I didn't send it to her because I just felt so awkward about it."

While Slate said she doesn't personally know this mystery recipient, she did look her up online.

"She likes to wear top hats, like, a lot. Like often, she'll wear a top hat in some of her pictures," Slate said. "So, on the day that we were supposed to get married, because I knew she hadn't received the 'sorry we're not getting married anymore,' I had this, like, weird fantasy she would show up."

Slate got engaged to Shattuck in 2019. She previously dated Chris Evans; however, it was confirmed they called it quits in 2018.

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