Lala Kent Rekindles the James Kennedy & Logan Noh Hook Up Rumors

The Give Them Lala Beauty founder claims to know the truth about James Kennedy and Logan Noh on Vanderpump Rules!

By Alyssa Ray Mar 25, 2020 2:00 AMTags
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Enemies no more?

On tonight's all-new Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent sat down with James Kennedy's girlfriend Raquel Leviss for a heart-to-heart about their past issues. Last season, Lala found herself at odds with the beauty queen after the latter implied the Give Them Lala Beauty founder was pulling the "dad card" to excuse bad behavior.

Understandably, as Lala was still reeling over the death of her father, she exploded at Raquel for this remark, calling her a "dummy" and a "Bambi-eyed bitch." However, after learning of James' new-found sobriety and the role Raquel had played in helping him, Lala decided to reach out to the new SURver.

While Raquel was open to sitting down with Lala, she did demand one thing—an apology.

"Last summer, you really put down my intelligence. And, it's like one thing to question my character, but it's a completely different story when you diminish my intelligence and say that I'm stupid," a nervous Raquel noted to Lala. "If you really do feel that way, then I have no problem taking my Chai tea to go and we don't have to have a conversation."

In response to Raquel's statement, Lala said she wouldn't waste her "precious" time on someone she "felt was a true idiot." To us, this was the furthest thing from an apology, but Raquel accepted it.

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With that out of the way, Raquel was able to give Lala an update on James, who had gone to his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

"Yesterday, I drove him to his first AA meeting. I walked him to the door, he went inside and I waited outside for him for an hour," Raquel detailed. "He came out and he showed me his chip."

Since Lala has gone through her own sobriety journey, she was moved to tears by this update. Furthermore, she was impressed with Raquel for standing by James.

Meanwhile, at the same time as Lala and Raquel's chat, James met with Lisa Vanderpump to discuss his sobriety.

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"They gave me this, because I had to stand up and say my name. And I said, 'I'm an alcoholic,'" James relayed to Lisa. "That's like a big thing for me. I never did that."

According to James, the many stories he heard in AA made him fearful that his life would turn out similarly. Thankfully, Lisa assured James that she was here for him.

Unfortunately, all of this good will fell apart at Tom Sandoval's extra-themed birthday bash. Specifically, Lala confronted Raquel with gossip that James may've been drinking at a party earlier in the week.

Unsurprisingly, Raquel wanted to know the source of this information. Upon learning that James' ex BFF Logan Noh was the one spreading the gossip, she shot down the tidbit as a lie.

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"I just don't understand your friendship with Logan," James' girlfriend snapped.

In case you forgot, back in 2017, Logan infamously admitted to spreading hook up rumors about himself and James. Yet, as Lala claimed in tonight's episode, Logan was merely covering for James at the time.

"That's a good friend right there! He lied for James a couple years ago about the hooking up stuff," Lala defended.

As Raquel doubled-down on her stance that Logan's a liar, Lala further defended her friend.

"I mean, I know that it's not made up," the "How Could You Leave Me" artist continued. "I've been there when deals have been, 'I get a blow job if I win and you have to do this if I win.'"

"Shut the f--k up," Raquel retorted. "That is not true."

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Before things could really escalate, Raquel walked away from the conversation to find James. Although she did inform James about the party rumor, it appeared as though she left out the alleged affair bit.

"F--k Logan! I'm done talking about him," James declared. "I'm also not gonna order a drink right now."

We're certain this isn't the last we'll hear of this drama!

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