Vanderpump Rules Finally Answers the Question We've All Been Asking: Is James Kennedy Hooking Up With BFF Logan?

James Kennedy cleared up rumors he hooked up with his best friend Logan on Monday night's Vanderpump Rules

By Tierney Bricker Jan 30, 2018 4:07 PMTags

It's really not about the pasta this time.

Vanderpump Rules' James Kennedy was blindsided in last night's episode when he learned his gay best friend Logan Noh told Brittany Cartwright's sister Tiffany that the two are sleeping together. Another episode, another cheating rumor! "He was acting like it was not a big thing," Brittany's sister said, adding that she then asked Logan how James' girlfriend Raquel Leviss felt about it. "She's stupid if she doesn't know," was Logan's alleged response, telling her, "Welcome to Hollywood!"

After telling James about Logan's allegations, the self-appointed "White Kanye West," upset his "best mate" would lie about him, confronted Logan over the phone with Brittany and Tiffany by his side. 

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And Logan immediately fessed up to lying about their hookup, saying, "Um, it's all a lie. I mean I said it, but it's all a lie. It's me just being a jealous little bitch." He then went on to say it was from "being in love" with James. 

While James ended the episode seemingly ready to end his friendship with Logan, asking how they could be friends after this betrayal, the two recently spent time together, per Logan's Instagram. In fact, when asked point blank by a fan on Twitter whether or not the pair were still pals, Logan responded, "We are lol." He also hinted that his days on the show weren't over just yet. "Keep watching," he told the fan with a kiss emoji.

Earlier in the episode, James acknowledged he was aware of Logan's feelings for him, saying, "Look, I'm not stupid. I know Logan's been in love with me. What's not to love, I mean honestly!" (And after his conversation with Logan, James clarified, "It wasn't even the gay thing that pissed me off the most. It pissed me off that my friend tried to bury me. It's not even some wanker, it's Logan.")

Also aware of his feelings? Everyone on the show with eyeballs. "He has mad love for you," Lala Kent said. 

"Of course James and Logan are sleeping with each other, have you not seen them together," Jax Taylor said of the affectionate BFFs. "You can totally tell they're boning."  Tom Schwartz added, "I would say there's probably like 77 percent chance that at least some portion of James' penis has been in Logan's mouth."

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Meanwhile, Kristen Doute, James' ex-girlfriend, said she didn't think her ex was gay, but admitted, "Do I think James has ever waded in the penis pond? Yeah, I do." 

Lala had a good theory as to why her best friend would court Logan's attention. "James wants people to find him hot," she theorized. "Why would he shut that down from Logan when he wants that with everybody?" 

Surprisingly, unlike the aftermath of his tiff with former BFF Lala, James has kept quiet about Logan's betrayal on social media. For now. We'll be sure to update you if and when that changes!

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