Jesse Tyler Ferguson Recalls "Spicy" First Meeting With Victoria and David Beckham

Jesse Tyler Ferguson's first encounter with Victoria and David Beckham was "spicy," to say the least. Watch the Modern Family star recall sharing a hot tub with the soccer star here.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson, David Beckham, Victoria BeckhamMediaPunch/Shutterstock; Matt Baron/Shutterstoc

Jesse Tyler Ferguson doesn't want to brag, but he has Posh and Becks' phone numbers.

On Friday, the Modern Family star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and explained how that epic hot tub scene with David Beckham and Courteney Cox came to be. While discussing the star-studded cameo, he told guest host Sean Hayes that he's actually become friendly with the soccer star and Victoria Beckham

"I just ran into them outside of a SoulCycle class and they were like, ‘We're huge fans of the show,'" he began, calling the fashion designer "spicy." "And I was like, ‘Well, if you ever want to come visit the set…' And she was like, ‘Take my number.' So, I was texting with Victoria Beckham later that day and she was like, ‘We would like to come tomorrow.'"

He continued, "So, I hosted them on the set and everyone's like, ‘The Beckhams are here. Have you heard the Beckhams are here?' And I was like, ‘Yeah, they're my guests.' So I was, like, already comfortable around David in the hot tub."

Modern Family Cast's Last Day on Set

Ahead of the episode's premiere, the former Spice Girls member took to Instagram to share a throwback snap from the Beckham family's set visit.

"3 years later, @davidbeckham found a new #ModernFamily," she captioned the post, where Victoria, David and their children Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham and Harper Beckham can be seen chilling with Jesse in the Dunphy's living room.

Still on the topic of Modern Family, the Will and Grace alum asked Jesse how it to wrap up the final season of the hit ABC sitcom after its 11-year run.  

"It's a very emotional—I'm open to any advice you give me, because I'm really not dealing with it in a great way," Jesse said. "I think I'm like repressing my feelings about it. It sneaks up in weird ways…I mean, I adore [the cast] so much. It's really, really sad."

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With the series finale slated to air on April 8, Sean jokingly asked the star if there were already any plans in place for a reboot. "Oh, God. I don't know," Jesse said, to which Sean replied, "Like, in six months?" 

Laughing at the timeline, Jessie said, "I mean, we're probably going to be really old when they do a reboot if we don't do it now. I have no idea…"