Billie Eilish Was "Embarrassed" By Her Big Wins at the Grammys

Billie Eilish's brother, Finneas O'Connell, revealed that he and his sister are a bit "embarrassed" by their historic Grammy wins. Find out why below.

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Billie Eilish, 2020 Grammys, Grammy Awards, WinnerKevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Billie Eilish and her older brother, Finneas O'Connell, swept the biggest categories at the 2020 Grammys.

The sibling duo won Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year. Eilish won Best New Artist and O'Connell won Producer of the Year, making their first year at the Grammys an historic one.

But in a new interview with Vogue, O'Connell shared that he and his little sister were a bit embarrassed about their clean sweep, noting that he hoped the wins would be more equally divided among the other nominees.

As the 22-year-old shared of their accolades, "[Billie] was very grateful, obviously, and a lot of her friends were there. She has more 'go with the flow' than I do, but we were both kind of embarrassed to win so much; you hope that it will be kind of equal, but after the third in a row…well, we love all of our fellow nominees."

As it turns out, he was gunning for Lizzo and Lil Nas X to take home wins in the top categories. As he said, "If I'd bet on anyone, I would have lost money in us winning everything."

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"I thought 'Truth Hurts' would win record of the year," O'Connell continued. "And I thought 'Old Town Road' would win song of the year, because it was. I was hopeful about album of the year, and that's one that I'm really proud of, because I love listening to that album front to back. That was the only one that I was like, 'Maybe!'"

Now that awards season is over, he's not focused on drilling out the next Album of the Year winner. As the star explained, "I don't walk away from this week thinking, 'I can't wait to come back in two years and win more.' I'm just like, 'We did that.' Now I'm like, cool, I can focus on other dreams of mine; I really want to do music work in film and theater in the next five years."

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What is on his mind now, though, is his upcoming world tour with Eilish.

As he shared of his upcoming work, "I'm writing new music and taking meetings to figure out what we'll do next. We have a whole year of touring ahead of us, which is a lot, but we slowed down in November and December, so things have been pretty reasonable overall."

O'Connell and Eilish last appeared together at the 2020 Oscars, where they teamed up to perform The Beatles' "Yesterday" for the In Memoriam tribute. While they were a frequent sight throughout award season, the producer did reveal that their collective fame has made one aspect of their lives a little difficult.

As he said, "It's changed our ability to go places together, which is too bad. I wish that weren't the case. We just love each other and are honest with each other, and we speak the same creative language. There's no other person I like working with as much as my sister."