This Little Girl Reenacting Her Favorite Frozen Scene Will Melt Your Heart

Watch this sweet video of a little girl reenacting her favorite Frozen scene and try not to cry tears of joy.

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 07, 2020 5:16 PMTags
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Let it go! 

Meet adorable Madelyn, the sweet toddler who was so excited that it snowed, that she started reenacting her favorite song "Let It Go" from the hit Disney animated film Frozen. Luckily, Madelyn's mom was there to capture the adorable moment and post it on Facebook for thousands of viewers to enjoy. 

After posting the short clip, the video amassed more than half a million shares about nearly 150,000 comments. Talk about a pretty impressive opening debut for a new singer! "Madelyn finally got some snow to do her scene," Madelyn's mom Kristi Michele captioned the sweet video of her little girl. 

Madelyn isn't the only person to have been inspired by the song since the film's release in 2013. Over the years, this song has gained a life of its own, with parodies and celebrity renditions, so it's only fair that an adorable little girl take on the task in real frozen snow. 

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Madelyn is also following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift who sang the song along with Idina Menzel in 2015, and wore actual Frozen costumes while onstage at her 1989 tour. Talk about commitment. "Frozen totally happened tonight," Swift wrote on Instagram. "And 55,000 people sang 'Let it Go' so loudly, it nearly took my breath away. Good times, @idinamenzel."

While "Let It Go" is the song that put Frozen on the map, Idina will be performing at the 2020 Oscars a different song from Frozen 2, "Into The Unknown," which is nominated this year for Best Original Song. 

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We're sure Madelyn will be watching!