Very Cavallari's Justin Anderson Weighs in on Kristin Cavallari's Drama With Ex-BFF Kelly

By Alyssa Ray Jan 16, 2020 1:30 PMTags
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It's the BFF breakup no one saw coming.

During an exclusive chat with E! News, Very Cavallari star Justin Anderson revealed he had no idea how bad things had become between once BFFs Kristin Cavallari and Kelly Henderson. In fact, while Anderson relocated to Nashville to be closer to his longtime friend and dpHUE Blonding Brush partner, he said he was also looking forward to spending time with Henderson.

Yet, as filming for season 3 kicked off, the Velvet's Edge founder was MIA from Cavallari's circle.

"You know, I didn't see any of it coming. And, to be really, really honest, when I first went to Nashville to start filming, I was really excited to spend more time with Kelly. 'Cause, Kelly and I come from a similar work background," Anderson shared with E! News. "So, when I learned about the drama between Kelly and Kristin, I was super bummed and I immediately told Kristin that I wanted to talk to Kelly and sit down with her and kind of get to the bottom of it."

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As was teased at the end of last week's premiere, Anderson did have a pow-wow with Henderson about the drama. Unfortunately, the conversation didn't go as planned, leaving Anderson despondent about the former gal pals' future.

"I was a little bit disappointed. She wasn't willing to see both sides or kind of hear where Kristin's coming from," Margot Robbie's hair colorist continued. "And, the way I know Kristin…If Kristin says she's upset about something, you really gotta slow down and just listen. She doesn't get upset about something all the time."

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Although Cavallari has been linked to drama thanks to her days on Laguna Beach and The Hills, Anderson assured us that is not who the Uncommon James mogul is at her core.

"As long as I've known her, if she says she's upset about something, you just slow down and listen. 'Cause, she's not drama. She doesn't feed into drama," the new E! personality relayed about Cavallari. "It made me sad to see the way that Kelly responded to me."

Even though Anderson said that "anything could be fixable in [Kristin's] world," viewers will have to tune in to see if this is true in regards to Cavallari's friendship with Henderson.

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"I've seen firsthand that Kristin really has opened up and been vulnerable with this situation and Kelly's just not responding in the same way," Anderson concluded.

To see Anderson's failed heart-to-heart with Kelly for yourself, be sure to catch tonight's all-new Very Cavallari!