Kristin Cavallari Reveals How She "Eased" Husband Jay Cutler Into Reality TV

By Alyssa Ray Jan 09, 2020 7:04 PMTags

Kristin Cavallari initially didn't plan to share her private life on Very Cavallari.

On Thursday morning, the Uncommon James mogul stopped by Pop of the Morning and discussed the origins of her hit E! docu-series (which returns tonight at 9 p.m.). According to the longtime reality star, she envisioned Very Cavallari to be like Lisa Vanderpump's Bravo hit, Vanderpump Rules.

Meaning, Jay Cutler's wife wanted her employees to be front and center as she popped in here and there. However, over the course of three seasons, Cavallari's personal life has become the driving narrative on Very Cavallari.

"Season three is definitely more about my personal life. You know, Jay and I and my friend group and just everything we have going on," Cavallari dished. "Which is kind of funny, because when I first pitched the show years ago, I wasn't even really supposed to be on it. I looked at it more like, Vanderpump Rules."

According to Cavallari, she wanted the show to simply be about Uncommon James, in order to draw attention to her growing business.

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"Well, initially when I was gonna go back to the show, I wanted it for Uncommon James. I wanted to bring exposure to my company," the True Roots author continued. "That's really why I did it. It was, honestly, just a business decision."

Yet, as Cavallari's former football star husband has become the breakout star of Very Cavallari, it makes sense that their personal life is now fully front and center.

"I've kind of eased Jay into this world, I feel like. So, here we are. I'd say 85 percent of the show is about our life," The Hills alum added. "It's been good, because it's been baby steps for him. Obviously, this world was very new for him."

And it appears that Cutler has taken to this reality TV world. In fact, Cavallari confirmed that the retired NFL star "knows his role on the show."

"He's our comedic relief. That's what we all love about him," the E! personality concluded. "It really is about my life and he just kind of helps carry the story and fuel everything, which is great."

For Cavallari's full POTM sit down, including details about her upcoming birthday celebration, be sure to watch the clip above!