Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon’s Game of “Can You Feel It?” Is Guaranteed to Make You Squirm

Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon faced off in a round of "Can You Feel It?" on The Tonight Show. Watch the Rare and the late night host's squirm-inducing game here.

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Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight ShowAndrew Lipovsky/NBC

This is definitely not for the faint of heart.

On Monday night, Selena Gomez stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and played a disgusting round of "Can You Feel It?" Competing against host Jimmy Fallon, the "Rare" singer and the Saturday Night Live alum took turns sticking their hands inside boxes filled with mystery items.

Kicking things off, Jimmy's box was filled with raw eggs. Being ever-so-cautious, he slowly lowered his hands into the unappetizing box and dipped his finger in the pool of egg yolk. After examining his hand, he was able to deduce that he had just touched eggs.

For her part, Selena, who was more adventurous than Jimmy, was given a box that contained a shower drain filled with hair. Once it was revealed, the audience and Jimmy screamed in disgust. "I feel like it's hair," she said without showing any signs of freaking out. Impressed that she remained unfazed, Jimmy said, "You've got guts, man."

Now, this is where things took a turn for the worst. Going into the round with reservations, Jimmy's next mystery item was a cow's brain. And, as to be expected, the late night host had the best reaction when he found out what he had touched.

"Ew! What the—What?!" he screamed. "What? In the what?! Get the Purell [hand sanitizer] right now. This is insane. What's wrong with people?"

Thankfully, the Dolittle star's next turn wasn't as vile as Jimmy's. Instead, her mystery item was a stuffed animal puppet that moved around suddenly when the "Look At Her Now" singer touched it. Confused, she asked, "Is it my dog? No…"

Upset at how different their items were, Jimmy said, "Wait, I get cow brain and she gets a stuffed animal?"

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Joining forces, the duo came together for the final round to see who could figure out what was in the last mystery box. And in true Tonight Show fashion, it wasn't pretty. Shaking hands before they went in, Selena and Jimmy timidly put reached in, only to find out that the box was filled with squirmy mealworms.

"Oh, my god!" Jimmy yelled when he saw what was inside. "It's so gross. Oh, my gosh! They're mealworms!"

See if you're brave enough to watch Selena and Jimmy's gnarly game of "Can You Feel It?" in the video above!

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