Cobie Smulders Can't Get Enough of Tom Cruise's Annual Holiday Cake

Cobie Smulders and Jimmy Fallon revealed they're both on Tom Cruise's holiday cake mailing list, a cake Smulders said is filled with "Tom Cruise deliciousness." Read all about it below!

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The Met Gala guest list is no longer the most exclusive list in Hollywood. According to Cobie Smulders, you've only made it once you're on Tom Cruise's holiday cake mailing list.

During an appearance on Monday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Avengers star revealed her holiday plans, and the tradition that keeps her going once the season is over. Speaking with host Jimmy Fallon, who also receives this decadent delight, the two stars gushed over the white chocolate and coconut cake the iconic action star annually sends to a select group of people.

"It is almost time for—you know what I'm talking about," Fallon said to the star. "Tom Cruise cake." Clasping her hands together in joy, Smulders responded, "The most glorious time of year."

Explaining this "unbelievable" treat to the audience, Fallon said, "Tom Cruise will send you a cake during the holidays." As Smulders revealed, "I receive it, and hopefully, maybe if I talk about it on television I will for sure receive it. But it's so good."

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The Top Gun star's cake is so tasty, in fact, the How I Met Your Mother alum revealed she savors it for as long as humanly possible. As she said, "I leave it in my freezer and it lasts until, like, March. Like, I just slowly chip away at this thing. It's so good. I don't know why. I'm not even a big sweets person, but it's so good."

As for what makes it so amazing, the Stumptown star's only explanation was, "It's Tom Cruise deliciousness."

As Fallon quipped, "You get anything from Tom Cruise, you eat, you put it in the freezer, you save it for a year."

Can someone tell us how to get on this list?